Friday, April 28, 2006


My mommy just called and said, "Ya' know, if you reallllllllllly dont want to go to the winery thing tomorrow, you reallllllllllllly dont have to....I didn't even say I realllllllllly wanted you to go actually, I just offered, ya'know?"

And I didn't even know she reallllllllllllly reads my blog.

Guess I threw my own perceptions all over that invite! Sheesh. I wonder what other "old tapes" I have running!
I'm glad I have the type of folks that can share a chuckle over shit like that.
Thanks, Mom. Love You.

And Sara comments:
Now, if you're knitting, one-legged AND wearing the "swallows" T-shirt all at the same time, out in public, well, I think if somebody gets into a car accident you might have some arguable liability there...

Actually, I didn't even THINK about that...but I was wearing my zippered hoodie that says:
Leg Story



Anonymous said...

We reallllllllly had a great time.