Sunday, April 30, 2006

car show

So after 7 hours (yay!) of sleep Friday night, and an early Saturday morning at the prosthetist, I then went with my folks to that winery event.

It turns out that it wasn't reallllllllllllly an ARt was a cAR show. Actually to be more specific it was The CAR-ni-val (complete with shiny beads and everything...well, not flashing).

And how cute is this??

awwww! totally damn cute. not even my own kid I'm gushing over, either.

Did some wine tasting...bought some vino....

I also found out that my mom realllllllly does not read my blog---MY DAD DOES. When he told me that, you should have seen the smoke coming out of my ears as my gears spun a fast rewind through my blog posts to see if I've blogged myself right out of being Daddy's Little Girl. Oh yeah. Too late. I'm sure I blew that title years ago. Screw it.

Turns out my blog is in my dad's regular rotation, and when he finds something of interest, he prints it out for my mom to read. Hahahaha.

Anyhow...we had fun. In fact, my dad posted in a the comments that he had a reallllly great time.

And on the way home, MyFK and I stopped off at a big craft store. The other day asked me to teach him how to knit with more than one color, and he wasn't talking variegated yarn. You aren't going to see this mommy passing up that opporunity. Besides, knitting needles were on sale 40% off, plus we had a 50% off coupon for the yarn....we scored.

Let's see if you can guess what we're knitting:

Washcloths (warshcloths?).

MyFK chose an orange background with green and blue stripes. Mine is a pink background and I'm using the variegated stuff for the stripes. I'm pretty sure we've got enough to make more than just the two.

Going to go cast-on now....


Gray said...

Our 15 year old daughter didn't really want us to read her blog, but she doesn't mind if we know what is there in general terms. So we worked something out over time: Our best friends' daughter is also her best friend. We read their daughter's blog and they read our daughter's blog. We are all pretty happy with this.

BeanMama said...

Oh, I can hardly wait to teach Rosaline to knit!! (LOVE the knitting bag, btw! ROFL!)