Tuesday, May 16, 2006

please stand by

I have so much to post about, it's overwhelming.
I've had gifts and treats flying in and out of my mailbox this week I'd like to share, plus a few oddball experiences, too. Lots of photos to upload, too (which as we know, can take forever).

And I haven't the time to do it right now, even though it's really what I'd prefer to be doing *pout*.

In addition to my standard commitments this week, I have three visits to the prosthetist (I am being fitted for a new socket), I have some appointments with attorneys regarding some legal matters, and I have offered to help Eric (the director/choreographer of Dandelion Dancetheater) with some administrative tasks so he doesn't get buried. All of these things are required, and all are time sensitive.

So I can't blog quite yet.
If I get everything done and I have energy left at the end of today, I will do some posting tonight.

In the meantime--thank you ALL for your comments and emails and the super cool things you have been doing and making for me. Please do not mistake my delay in response as lack of appreciation. It's all been VERY much appreciated!!!