Wednesday, May 17, 2006

mail call

I'm going to try to perform some sort of bloggedy-blog-blog-game of catch up over the next couple of days, so I'll start off with a post about all of the cool stuff that's been flowing in-and-out-and-around my house, the mailbox, and the in-box this week.

By exact order of arrival.
Not importance.


A new t-shirt from the previously featured, personal favorite: explodingdog.
Better image here.
Sam, if you ever read my blog...I think you are neato.

Another Flower

Ok, so this is from the "around the house" category. It was on my front porch (last time it was my windshield). I'm pretty sure this is "Juan the Garbage Guy Take 2". I'm not sure if he has a crush or if he's a perv or if he feels sorry for the poor gimpy lady or if he's just simply being a kind soul. Either way, as much as I like flowers, between this and the drive by honkings, it's beginning to creep me out.

Lamb's Pride Worsted. Woohoo!

Except I can't tell you what it's for yet. It's for a superduper secret (birthday gift). And it rounded out this previous purchase.

I'll bet some of you knitters-in-the-know will be able to guess what I'm up to, but please don't leak it as the recipient might read your comments and figure out my little plan. And that's the only way they'd figure it out, 'cuz the recipient isn't a knitter and I've been hiding the pattern. Don't make me delete yer arses.

But DO let me say some things about where this second batch of LPW came from. Because they deserve kudos.
It came from The Yarn Exchange.
These folks rock.
For starters, they stock every color of LPW (and had I known that, I would have ordered from them in the first place). Secondly, I got what appeared to be a personal confirmation (in addition to the automated/generated one) from a person who's email address is "yarngeek". Gotta love that. I placed the order on a Wednesday morning and the yarn arrived that Friday, standard shipping. Gotta love that, too. And then they threw in this freebie little bracelet, which I adore, because I've always wanted the silver version (but can't seem to rationalize buying it for myself), so I'm quite happy to be sportin' the rubber. Thank you!!


A short while back, The Sweater Project Guy posted about some "throwies" he'd made with some buddies and shot up all over town. They are basically little LED lights with magnets. After a few email exchanges, we negotiated a yarn swap in exchange for some throwies that I can attatch to my "various metal parts".

I stole this photo from his blog (sorry...once a pirate, always a pirate). I haven't figured out how to take a night-time photo with them lit up yet. I'm working on it. I think I need to try it again, just at dusk maybe.

My idea is to use these so that people can see me coming in the dark. And I am definitely decking out the wheelchair when I go to the Nine Inch Nails/Bauhaus/Peaches gig in a few weeks. But I'm also forming some ideas about using them in performance. And I've been playing around and found out they stick to certain bits of hardware on my prosthesis, too. Hehehe.

SweaterProjectGuy. You rock. I looooooove them! Thanks for keeping me safe and fashionable.
Yarn and goodies are on the way ;-)
(the internet is so damn cool sometimes)

Oh. By the way. I lost my leg. Not my glasses, man. I'm a little young for needing the biggey print.



Email from my SecretPal

I got a couple of emails from my Secret Pal last week!! (Thank you!!)
The person I have been matched up with to shower with gifts isn't very responsive (nor is she a regular blogger it would seem), and I'm feeling a bit at a loss about how to proceed. It's still early (in fact, even though we had names a week or so ago, the official start was yesterday), so we'll see what happens. But I'm so thankful that my Secret Pal is making the other side of this experience a fun one already.

I still think it kind of sucks (in the best possible way) that she is a spinner and is luring me down the garden path with little tufts of roving though ;-)

Speaking of Tufts
Also new around the house this past week:

I am not going to start a new hobby. I am not going to start a new hobby. I am not going to start a new hobby.

In Through The Out Door (I know, I'm dating myself)
I got busy with some crafty gift stuff this past week.

First, some Mother's Day gifts for MyFK's two Grandma's. Family photos, a current school pic, and some artwork. They came out great.

I also tried my hand with wire and beads, making some stitch markers for friends...

Bad photo, but I'm blurring it on purpose (they are a surprise).

Sock Yarn
The power of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

Two very wonderful women in the world of yarn dyeing (both cyber-acquaintances via the internet/knitting blog connection), offered to dye me some sock yarn.

Not just any sock yarn.

I have been on the prowl for sock yarns with sky blue colors for months now, and haven't had any luck.

Get a load of this, though:

Meet "Albuquerque Sky" by Strange Little Mama.
She even snuck in the pinks to match the high-tops. You are awesome. I cant wait to see how these knit up.

And this would be "TeeHee" by Black Bunny Fibers , aka Carol of Go Knit in Your Hat.
(I still can't get over having fiber named after me) . The yarn just arrived today and it is gorgeous and soft. Yumm!

Ladies. I'm blown away and very full of heartfelt gratitude. It's so great of you to offer...and I don't want to get all mushy about this, but here's something about me I've never written about before on this blog.

Before I lost my leg, I was a shoe harlot.
I mean, seriously.
Not quite an Imelda Marcos level harlot, but definitely a shoe to match my every mood. Believe me when I tell you....I had shoes.

I am no longer able to wear any kind of shoe I want to.
My kind of prosthesis requires my choosing a relatively flat heel height, then staying within 3/8" of that choice.

It's been over 2 years since I lost my leg now.
I still have a closet full of old shoes.
I haven't been able to give them away.
I have a closet full of shoes I will never wear again. It's ridiculous.
And although I'm not all that self concious about having a robotic looking leg, I am very self concious about how I can't seem to "accessorize my new look".
Socks that match my prosthesis are a very big deal to me.
I mean it.
Don't make me cry and shit.

I have to finish up knitting for June birthdays right now, but when I go on tour with Dandelion for 2 weeks at the end of June the sock yarns come with me. I assure you, when I return, you'll be seeing photos of happy, fashionable feet :-)


Stuck with Chucks

Given the aforementioned shoe issue, I can say that The Goddess Of Footwear has at least blessed me with the gift of being able to always sniff out the coolest Chuck Taylors on the planet.

Behold, my new shoes....

A mother's day gift to self (I'll find any excuse).

They have the blues...and the pinks...and they too shall go well with the sock yarns. YAY!


strangelittlemama said...

omg, those are the rockingest chucks ever.
I feel you. It would be super-hard for me to have to give up varied shoes, too. I really, really hope both pairs socks give you the same kind of feeling new shoes do. Don't make me cry & shit! ha!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via SP8.

I have sat here reading until I cried...from laughter. I LOVE the 25% off t-shirt!

You gave me a reason to drive the 1.5 hour trip to DeKalb....from Chicago. Enabler.

Anonymous said...

I love the sock yarn! It's even named Albuquerque sky? That's where I grew up. I love the pick shoes too! I can't wait to see your awesome socks.

Carol said...

I'm farklempt.
I'm glad you like it. I can't wait to see what you knit with it.
Better watch or I'll name more colorways after you.

Anonymous said...

Magical mystery shoes! Wicked cool.

Go find yourself a photographer who knows how to do night shots and get some action pictures of the throwies/rollies ASAP!

Christie said...

Hi...I just discovered your blog via stranglelittlemama and totally love it! I'm looking forward to keeping up with you!

MsFortuknit said...

I love that yarn mama~! great taste!
PS Cool shoes my whole family does chucks~

Anonymous said...

The sock yarn is really sweet. You deserve it, but it was also really, really sweet of those ladies.

Someday you might wear high heels again, just like someday you might drive your VW van again. I have heard of R/AKs getting so good at manipulating their prostheses that they could drive standard transmission vehicles, though I won't be trying it any time soon myself. I have also seen conversion kits (though I lost the link) where you could install hand controls on any vehicle, standard or automatic, without permanently altering the car. (This was sold as an idea for amputees, etc., who might want to rent cars while on vacation.) As for the shoe thing, well, thanks to the likes of Heather Mills McCartney, even amputated women can wear high heels if they want to. It's just a matter of getting somebody to pay for the right kind of prosthetic foot and ankle, 'cause no, they ain't free to good homes.