Wednesday, June 28, 2006

dandelions in san francisco

I know I've posted this information before, but I'm doing it again, because...well, it's my blog...and I'm in the show, and it's a really beautiful piece and I'm proud of it, and sold out houses are good, and and and...
...well, you get it ;-)

If you come, please say hi to me after the show!

Dandelion Dancetheater
presents: ANICCA
Wed–Sun, July 12-16

Begins at Theatre of Yugen’s Noh Space
2840 Mariposa St, SF
July 12: 7pm
July 13: 6pm
July 14: 7pm & 10pm
July 15: 6pm & 10pm
July 16: 6pm

$18 general admission$13 seniors/students/children 12 & under
To purchase tickets,
click here (then click on the date you'd like to attend)

Note: program contains nudity

Jumping off from the discoveries they have made through their five-year Undressed Project, Dandelion Dancetheater has created a new dance/theater work, Anicca (a Pali word translated as “impermanence”). Anicca challenges body image prejudice by illuminating the impermanence of all bodies, placing beauty concerns in a larger and more pressing context.

Anicca taps into the vulnerability of full nudity, while simultaneously subverting audiences’ expectations around costumes, utilizing partial nudity, underwear, and awkward combinations of clothing. The work looks at body politics, power dynamics, the lines between sensual, sexual and medical nudity, aggression, violence and multi-layered responses to mortality. Created as a site-specific journey, Anicca will be performed throughout Project Artaud Complex--leading audiences from Noh Space, through hallways and alcoves into the parking lot and “Jackhammer Park.”

To read more about Dandelion Dancetheater, click here.
And to read more about Dandelion's Undressed Project, click here.
To make a tax deductable donation to Dandelion, click here.


Gray said...

Man, are you busy! It all sounds great! Don't forget to get some rest.

I hope that Dandelion comes east some day.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, chica! Plug away.