Thursday, July 13, 2006

photo phrustrations

Blogger is completely pissing me off.

I can't get the photos to upload onto an edit of last night's post. In fact, I can barely even get them to upload here on this new post. All last night and this morning, Blogger would go through the tediously slow uploading process, then say "Done!".... like it's all proud of itself or something. I get very excited. But then there is no photo on the page! GRRRR!!! Then I get very disappointed. It's making me cranky.

Now, it seems like it is only accepting my addition of "small" photos "aligned on the right". It's boycotting any other arrangements. Grrr!!! What completely irks me is that I really have no right to be cranky over a free service.

So here's your little tour of the tiny right-aligned photos. Read last night's post if you want to have it make any sense at all.

1+2) San Francisco Skyline and Fog Bank, which was the canopy I danced under.
3) TheBride's Boa Thingy, and me in the green room studio right before opening.

I was going to upload a photo of Cinderella, and another of a bathmat for you, but you are just going to have to imagine that one on your own.


Mouse said...

I host my photos at - its free and then I don't have to tear my hair out over Blogger. I still use the "image tool" with blogger but I put in the address of my photo instead of having blogger upload itself. Hope that helps with your frustration.

Gray said...

You boa looks soft and nice. But I wish we could see your whole face! Thanks for trying with the photos.

Anonymous said...

Ditto about using I am really glad that you persevered with the photos. I always get excited when you post photos of things I recognize or remember from your house. Pictures of the SF skyline really take me back. And of course I love to see photots of YOU - especially since I won't actually be seeing you in Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the little capelet looks all right! I hope the bride likes it.

Congratulations on successfully knitting to a deadline.