Monday, July 17, 2006

two weeks off

The SF run of the shows is now complete. Yay! And phew!!! What a rush.
Loads of work, lots of fun, lots of issues, and tons of growth for me on many many levels. My aim is to document a bit about that here before the Hawaii run.

The next two weeks will hopefully be filled with my catching up on rest, housework, email, reading blogs, writing a few posts, and hopefully some knitting (over the weekend with all the shows I managed a whopping three rounds on my sock...hahaha).

I thought I'd share a few photos today because, I can!
(Mouse...thanx verrry muchly for all the tips and on-line support desk help with photobucket!)

Carol, these are for you, in response to your post:

That is sock #1 and I am just past the fancy schmancy cuff of sock #2. And as usual, lucky me can wear sock #1 while sock #2 is the other is in the works, because, well...I'm "special" . (*giggle*)

I have to say....this sock is, to date, the most beautiful thing I have ever knit. Ever.
Thanks so much again for the gift of the yarn! Next photo of it the socks will be me wearing the finished pair with the prosthesis and the hi-tops!

On the way to rehearsal Thursday, I met with TheBride. She brought a picture of the dress with her...and she was absolutely correct. The Boa Thingy matches her dress perfectly. She is a much better fasion designer than I gave her credit for.

She also brought along the original prototype that finally made its way back to her from her friend's granny. It actually was a Lion brand fun fur capelet, basically. It was two strands held together, one a tan fun fur, the other a variegated eyelash. It was done up in garter stitch, and basically it was knit oversized (read as: not to gauge) and the ribbon ties in front were omitted because being oversized made it so that the ends could be tossed over the shoulder.

Since TheMIG was the sound guy at her wedding, I worked it out with them to have him snap a picture:

I've only been paid for knitting twice. The last time I got paid the equivalent of child labor in a third world country. This time, I didn't even negotiate a fee. I told her how many hours I estimated it might take to do her wrap, and I explained how some commission knitting is paid by the yard, some by the project, some by the hour. I told her that I am very open to the universe supporting my creative talents with financial prosperity, but that at the same time, would anyone really pay $10 an hour to have handknit socks?? I think not.

I explained that for this reason, I rarely knit on commission. I suggested that she should just pay what she felt was fair, just put it in an envelope, end of discussion, and whatever she came up with would be just fine...because I figured I was probably knitting for the karma anyhow. She ended up giving me a nice bottle of red wine and handsome check. I actually made a fair wage for the time invested. Just in time to pay the electric bill hahaha.

She was really fun to knit for actually. The most mellow bride I have ever met, and being a caterer, I've met several. Best thing about her? With all the trips to the yarn store TheBride made, and after all of the browsing through pattern books, etc etc...she now wants to learn how to knit! I gave her a few resources, offered a lesson or directed her to the local S-n-B, so Knitterati...keep an eye out for her in the fall!

Diana, this one's for you:

SF and the Emeryville Marina as seen from the wee little waterfront park park at the end of Ashby Av in Berkeley. Well, okay...maybe it's more a shot of the bushes rather than SF, but you get the drift.

I cannot believe we are missing each other in Hawaii by, what is it, two freakin' days?? Grrr.
But guess what...some people came in to our show this weekend and there is now discussion of their producing the show in Florida. Cross your fingers!


Gray said...

The boa looks great! It's hard to tell from the photo, but the lower part of her dress looks like a great match for color and texture.

Carol said...

Terrific, amazing, stupendous sock! Tell me again, what is the pattern?

Bride is very lucky. Your wrap for her came out great!

Yay, Amputeehee!

You ARE special.

Mouse said...

gorgeous sock! That wrap actually doesn't look like a bathmat.. impressive! Also, you're welcome for the Photobucket/blogger help.. any time!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock, charming boa thingy, lovely Bay Area.

Congratulations on completion of the show's SF run. You must feel amazing right now, and a bit dazed.

So are you ever bringing the show east?

Anonymous said...

That boa is very hip with the dress. You made her special day even more special. She'll remember you always. I had a special woman helping me with my wedding decorations, accessories. She pulled it all together and I'll never forget the hours she put in for our special day. Our photos are so nice because of her idea to hang the lace on the porch for our 'backdrop'.
I've been thinking of knitting custom socks to sell. I couldn't sell them for less than $100, considering the hours in them. I'm sure someone out there would pay it, but I'd have to advertise somehow. I have much knitting for me to do first...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the photo! I know exactly where that is!! I miss you and the Bay Area so much. Please do come to Florida - I will gladly travel to catch your show. Keep me posted!