Monday, July 31, 2006

this girl is on a mission

Since y'all liked my mugshot so much, here ya' go.

(photo credit: TheMIG , taken @ Juan's Place over a pitcher of margaritas...wouldn't you be smiling, too?)

I was hoping to blog the next chunk about the "getting back to work thing," but I didn't becuase I was behaving like a sloth all weekend. I am now paying for that today, scrambling to run errands and pack for the Hawaii leg of the tour. I'll pick up on that story line again when I return, which will be easy, because that will be my new primary focus for awhile.

People keep wishing me a good time exploring Hawaii (I've never been), but I will probably not have time to see very much of it. We have been given a tentative schedule for the week and it is packed with tech rehearsals, master classes, and performances. It looks like we're booked for almost the entire time we are there. There is no day off, except for Sunday, which is the day we spend relocating to the second performance venue. I'll have a couple of hours free each morning (if I'm not dead from working the night before), and a few extra hours on Saturday (that day we have a 4:30pm call time instead of noon). I wont have my own car, so everything I do will probably be pretty close to Hilo unless somebody organizes something.

I'm pretty cool with it. I figure I'm going for work, and although I'm into seeing a few sights, I actually prefer to slow down when I travel and try to catch a glimpse of local life. I'm down with just kind of relaxing and breathing in a new place.

As for tourist-y type things, it looks like there is a great cultural museum near the hostel we are staying at, and I'm also going to attempt to check out a nearby waterfall by hiking in on crutches (I'm not bringing my prosthesis because I dont use it for dancing, and hauling the leg, a wheelchair and crutches through an aiport makes me bithcy). I can go pretty much anywhere on crutches, though. I'm a rockstar on crutches. Which is good. Because it rains in Hilo almost every day, and slick is my least favorite condition for crutching. I hope to get into or down to the ocean, too...but apparently Hilo isn't the white or black sandy beach type of's more like lava rocks and jungles. So we'll have to wait and see. Where there's a will, there's a way, though.

Oh...and of course you know I've already printed a map to the local yarn store ;-)

I think the hostel has internet access, but I don't plan on spending my limited free time on the computer, so you might not see me until I get back next week.
I mean, Aloha.


Gimpy Mumpy said...

Aloha! Keep us posted on accessibility in Hilo and let us know how the crutching goes.

I know what you mean about the hassle of bringing all our gear through the airports. Last time I flew they took my cane away, then told me to take off my shoes (hehehehe, kidding right?!), then stand where there was nothing to hold onto while they waved a wand over me and swabbed my hands for explosives! I can *almost* understand the explosives part since my TENS unit does mean wearing wires stuck to my body that go down to a little black box controller....

Best of luck :)

Carol said...

Did you say "the Hawaii leg of the tour"?! bwah, hah, han.

When I flew in June, it was the first time since 9/11. I was amazed at the additional security measures. In Indy, they had this thing that blew puffs of air at us to stir up minute particles of explosives that might be clinging to one's body. You had to step into these weird footprints until the light went green (kind of like a tollbooth).

I am just imagining all the fun you could have torturing a chuckle-headed security guard...

Thanks for being so understanding, Barbara.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. None of this whirlwind tour crap for me. Just plunk me down in a local café, bar, bakery, whatever, outdoor seating preferred, and let me get my bearings by sitting and watching.

I think you will love/are already loving Hawaii. Just stay away from the poi.

Merde, and all that.

P.S. -- That is one very spiffy looking hostel!

Lisa B (Moon) said...

Aloha! Hope you enjoy your time in the islands, I live on the island of Oahu and cant wait to get back to the mainland...
been here over 5 years now...
Its beautiful, BUT I will die with out the fall...and thunderstorms....and roadtrips...and fleamarkets...and...
the list goes on too long..
safe trip and happy knitting!