Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I got home last night, and today has been all about adjusting to life on the home front (ie going from kid-less into mommy-mode at full throttle). Oh, and I also spent some of my day falling asleep in the middle of sentences.
I'd like to write an actual entry, but I can't.
I'm wiped out.
Too tired to post.
Only. Enough. Energy. To. Make. This.

Inky got me clickin', but not before I first kvetched in her comments about how these avatar places never have a wheelchair option.

I stand (ok, I sit) corrected.

The wheelchair didn't even end up in the "wierd" category. "Wierd" was surfboards and bikinis. Funny.

Meez-girl almost sorta kinda maybe just a wee bit looks like (a very skinny) me, except missing the nose ring and a baseball cap. Tiaras, but no hats. And eyebrow and lip piercings, but nothing for the nostrils. They even have tattoos.

They have so much pirate stuff, I kept thinking that if I dinked around long enough I'd find a wooden leg. But no luck.

Wonder if they'll ever have the option to just lob off a body part. *grin*


JohnK said...

Welcome home.

Carol said...

Welcome back, Beverly!
You are way more attractive than Avatar girl.

p.s. they are probably afraid of getting overwhelmed by traffic from apotemnophiliacs.

InkyW said...

Welcome home!! Glad you are back safe and sound, and loving you wheelchair wheelies!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
The avatar's got nothing on your smile.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, B!

Can't wait to get together!

Gray said...

Nice to see you back. They sure don't make avatars as beautiful as you, but that was a nice discovery.

I hope your re-entry goes well.

Wheelchair Dancer said...

hey, welcome back.

THIS is great news. I was so pissed at the make yourself a south park character people. You'd have thought they at least would have had wheelchair options. Duh..