Sunday, November 12, 2006

finally, an answer without more questions

Roxy the Robot keeps TheAmpuT company
while she folds MANY piles of laundry

In regard to yesterday's question, wondering about how much housework could be done if I channelled my frustration?

The answer is: A lot.

Thanks for all of the comments. For the record, I have no desire to be that obsessive about housework. The question for myself yesterday was really one of, "is there some way of harnessing this energy".

Frustration creates a whole lot of energy (so does anger and sadness, and I've had a couple days worth of that, too).
Typically I strive to "settle down."
Calming activities...yes. Good good.
But I've actually been wondering if something fruitful could come of all the frustration if I just tapped into the wave and surfed it somehow. Use the energy for something productive, as opposed to working on having the energy dissapate. I wanted to see what would happen if I used the frustration like super-turbo batteries, running it until it ran out, and then maybe having something good to show for all the hours of feeling like shit...instead of spending tyring to diffuse things (which often takes more energy anyhow).

Today would not have my home passing any white glove test, for sure....but I got a ton of stuff done around here, including clearing out a corner that had been stuffed with crap, throwing out a huge garbage bag full of all of those papers I love to hold on to, organizing a kitchen cupboard, all the laundry and then some, and I even made a nice keepsake box of MyFK's artwork over the past few years.

I few more frustrato-producto days like yesterday and today, and things around here could actually feel quite a bit better.

Although I'd really rather not be this frustrated in the first place.
But that's a whole 'nother post.

Y'all were right about a couple of things though....all work and no play could make TheAmpuT a dull girl.

*Haven't knit a stitch since Friday (but I do have a pile of kitty toys I made on Friday, and will post about it tomorrow).
* I have 209 unread posts in my blog-line feeds. Gah.
* And I've been horrid about emails and replying to comments...but please forgive, I do read them...and thank you all very much :-)


Anonymous said...

I find that cleaning the house helps clear my head and ease any frustration/anxiety from my week.

Unfortunately, it can go too far. If I'm attacking my bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, I know that I've gone over to the dark side.

Karen the Dancing Lurker

Anonymous said...

That is a very helpful looking robot.

When really bad shit happens, I instantly begin to clean, because, yes, it's the only thing I can do with all that energy and emotion happening in my body at the same time. Then I usually collapse with exhaustion and go wallow for awhile somewhere. But dammit, at least I'm wallowing on clean sheets!

Since I'm not big on housekeeping most of the time, I don't know if my house would ever be clean if really crappy things never happened to me. Hmm...I don't think I shall spend a lot of time thinking about that.

Lorena said...

I admire all of you. When I get stressed and frustrated, I eat; not clean the house. Which, uhm, explains the size of my butt and the state of my house.

I think I should take lessons from you.

Warrior Knitter said...

I get more done, cleaning/housework-wise if I'm not in the best of moods. Otherwise, I get distracted easier. Reading the papers instead of sorting & tossing them & getting drawn into messing with the crap instead of pitchin' it.