Monday, November 13, 2006

kit tested, mother approved

Ok. So the knitting of felted mice actually ended up becoming every bit as addictive as the silly little pumpkins. I guess that for now, making tiny, playful, instantly gratifying little dittys is working just fine for me, thank you.

It started off by my making that green one for Ms.Hazel, my mom and dad's new kitten. Before I gave it to her though, I tested it out on TheMIG's cat, Tad. It was pretty clear I was going need to make a second.

The second catnip mouse I made I tested out on my cat, Tramp, and that's when I knew I needed to make a third...

and long as I was on a roll, I figured that Inky's new kitty Morticia needed some stuff, and I've also been remiss in sending gifties to Tad's brother Newman (he is the owner of mnvnjnsn, the authress of the blog Medicine Balls).

So the next thing you know, 5 mousies.

But then I remembered that Morticia and Newman have siblings. And I was about done with mousies. So with the help of my mom and MyFK, we made felted balls, needle felted on some designs, and hooked them up with door-knob elastics and streamers.

We really had a fun time making them together.

Everything was done by dinnertime on Friday night.

edited to add: I just saw the Inky's new cat wasn't a good fit and is looking for a good home. anybody out that way need a kitty? I'll make more toys!


InkyW said...

my my, you HAVE been busy ;) they are so cool and even though the kitty formerly known as Morticia isn't with us, I know that stinky smelly spoiled Boo will lurrrrve a new toy!! thank you from all of us at Casa de Inky!!

Gray said...

Those are great! I won't tell my cats about them- they would be jealous. I can't believe that you were so productive.

Hannah said...

How cute! They will be a great gift for friends' cats!

Anonymous said...

You have a bunch of lucky cats in your life! And so do I since your first post about the toys inspired me to finally make my cats a toy.