Thursday, November 23, 2006

pass the cranberry sauce, hold the mojo

one pretty accurate representation of how i feel

It's been a crazy two days. Major roller coaster over here.

Since yesterday's post, there has been poopy lawsuit news, another new-ish negative thought/feeling about being a gimp (bubbling up as a result of the briefing on my not so brief case), uber-negative interactions with the NeighborGuy (uber, as in, call the Sheriff uber)........all mixed in with big sweetness from TheMostImportantGuy, one side-splitting hilarious Thanksgiving afternoon with my family, and lots of love from friends (realtime and cyber). At least on my kind of coaster the highs are quite high. Thank goodness for that.

I want to again say thank you all so very much for you thoughts, intentions, time, love, energy, prayers, comments, emails, phone calls, etc. I hope to have some time tomorrow to send some emails and thank all of you individually, but I have to be honest....I might need a minute to catch my breath. I'm pretty damned wiped if you dont hear from me right away, please dont take it personally. Tomorrow I might just need to sit and sun and melt.

(oh, and also...your email addresses don't come through to me when you comment...and I can't always find ways to email you via your profiles or if you'd like to hear back from me--and I would like to write back to you--please send me an email at amputeehee(at)hotmail(dot)com so I have your address...okay??)

Anyhow...I need to at least expand on the poopy lawsuit news to y'all because it is mojo related.
You can hit the pause button on the mojo.
Even though the mojo was deeply appreciated (and had the added bonus of actually being internally absorbed by me), there was one part of the collaborative mojo-ness that didn't stick:

The date.

About 10 minutes after yesterday's post, my AttorneyMan called to say that Tuesday's mediation has to be rescheduled. It seems the mediator had a death in the family and must attend a funeral that day. His office apologized greatly and offered Wednesday or Thursday as a possibility, but already several of the other key players have stated they aren't available either day. A date in mid-December is being tossed around as a possibility, but we don't have a full consensus yet. Hopefully I'll know about that by next week, but I have a sinking feeling we are looking at '07.

I got the news and then cried my head off hysterically for about ten minutes, because to me this means nothing short of another month (or more) of fretting.

Once I let that surge out, I've been feeling drained, but okay. As I said today to Diana on a long overdue phone call, I'm basically just sick to death of being on this boat. But I do understand that I am in this boat. And I do understand that there isn't much else I can do but go with the flow. No point struggling to be in control or anything. I just gotta go for the ride. Just gotta take care of myself the best I can while I wait.

So please pass the dramamine.
Which means knitting.

A sock has been finished and kitchenered, some seaming on the shumps has taken place, and a swatch has been knit for the lace shawl (thank you for that, ladies...I think that was some damn fine advice).

Anyhow, so hold the mojo for now. And I hope you don't mind, but whenever the new date approaches, I'll be asking for it again. Which is kinda hard for me. I don't ask for help that often...stubborn independent hag that I am. But I'm going to ask again, because I don't think this one is something I can do myself.


Scoutj said...

I'm passing you a Trader Joes candy cane oreo cookie. I just ate one for breakfast. Isn't that good! I hope it makes you feel better.

If you believe that things happen for a reason, there is a reason for this. It's all you can hang onto sometimes. You know?

Gray said...

Yuck. Your neighbor issues sound horrible. Good luck!

I am related to a personal injuries lawyer, and have seen this particular legal roller coaster up close, and it is not a good ride. I hope that you have resolution soon.

Carol said...

Ugh. As a former lawyer, I believe I am well-qualified to say that being involved in the legal system sucks. Bigtime. Sadly, delay after delay isn't unusual and since the defendants in the case certainly realize they are going to have to pay up, they love delay. Why pay for a cheeseburger now when you can wait until Thursday?

Heavy sigh. I will gladly send all necessary mojo your way whenever it is required.

Rabbitch said...

I'm exceptionally fond of stubborn independent hags. I'll be there for you when you ask. And even when you don't. (and when you say I'm ok, go away, piss off I'll still be there because I'm annoying like that, but I'll be kind enough not to mention it *g*)

~Donna~ said...

A steady stream of mojo keeps heading your way. It's not doing me any good so might as well send it your way.

Anonymous said...

Gad, that SUCKS. OY.

That is a damn cute kitten, though. Is s/he one from the extended family ménage?

Oh, and if it's quite okay with you, I'm going to go right on hoping for good things for you. I just won't focus on anything specific 'til you say what and when.

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