Thursday, December 21, 2006

return of the sun

Winter Bouquet on Altar

I grew up observing both Channukah and Christmas. Since MyFK is a child with parents of two different religious backgrounds, he gets to celebrate both, as well. Channukah with me, and Christmas at his dad's. For MyFK 'tis definitely "the season".

I enjoy all of the Jewish holidays (and would never in a million years pass on mom's latkes or her seder meal at Passover), but left to my own devices, you'd probably find me only marking the changing of the seasons.

If I lived alone, Yule is the only "holiday" this season that I would be observing.

Tonight I get to Circle Dance with the members and students of the Sabah Ensemble...our ritual for honoring the darkness and the transition back to the light.

Tomorrow, the first full day of winter, will be spent sipping mulled cider, eating gingerbread cake with whipped cream, and bringing in a few boughs of greenery for decorating.

~ Happy Winter's Solstice ~


jodi said...

And a happy Solstice to you, my dear.

This morning Peter said to me, it's almost nine and still so dark, I feel like it's too early to leave for work. And I thought, tomorrow will be better. A small thing, but being someone who struggles with maintaining optimism, this turnaround is much welcomed.

Carrie said...

Celebrating the days getting longer with dancing sounds wonderful to me! Have a great time, and bring on the sun!

Anonymous said...

I am Jewish and love to do the holidays, but I agree that the solstices are the most meaningful times. Peace.