Sunday, January 21, 2007

Not a whole lot of blogging going on over here now lately, is there.
I'd like to fix that. I'm not quite sure how, though. I'm kinda busy knitting, and purging, and enjoying the sunshine!

Updates on the rest of my life at the back end...but first, here's something I finished last week:

BoySocks for TheMIG
Yarn: Trekking XXL, Color #69 (olives)
Needles: US#1's, Susan Bates...the shiny pale green metal ones
Pattern: no pattern, just plain old socks
Started: sometime in the early fall (?)
Finished: Jan 16, 2007 (it took me forever to do these)
Notes: It's official. This is the 3rd pair of socks now where I've picked up 2 sts at each gusset (ala Charlene Schurch), and it is definitley my favorite sock trick. Another thing came out of this sock project...these:

...inspired by THESE at Saartje Knits. Do read her blog for a better explanation and better photos. Mine was taken in the dark.

This pair of socks took me so long to knit, that they kept getting moved from from bag to bag, or shoved in pockets or whatever. Somewhere along the line, I lost the little slip of paper where I'd jotted down my notes about how many stitches I'd cast on, how I turned the heel, how many rows I had done on the first sock, etc etc. It wasn't rocket science to figure it out, but I found it totally annoying. Hence the little tag system. I love them. And I already had a box of them in my desk drawer.

I have to tell you...when I went to add the link for Charlene's Schurch's book...I saw THIS:

I. Shall. Own. This. Book.


Hmmmm. What else is up.
Well, what isn't.
Damn if I can find the time to blog about it though!

Here's a general run down of things, some deserving of longer explanations that maybe will come some day soon....others are barely worth mentioning, but I find the record entertaining.

* I got the refurbished spinning wheel this weekend!!
(that one definitely needs it's own entry!!)

* My heating bill for last month was $300.

* My beloved boyfriend, TheMostImportantGuy, took time out of his weekend to put in new weather stripping.

* I'm now officially doing the D-word. Dieting. I'd call it eating healthier and exercising more, which I am doing both of those things for sure...but it's Dieting. The goal IS weight loss. Hauling 35 extra lbs around on cruthces is really bad for the back.

* I've lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks.

* The guy I visit at the convalescent hospital asked me what I was doing to shed pounds, so I told him that my first thing was to switch to smaller plates and a smaller fork---he was laughing so hard he had end our visit.

*I'm on a mission to purge clutter, especially paper. As Donna said, "I like paper. I must. There are piles of it everywhere." Mouse has agreed to be both cheerleader and supercop. I report to her every day how much paper I have tossed. If I throw some out, she says, "Yay!" And if I don't...well, she threatens me with the "Red Heart Scarf of Shame" that I will have to knit 6 feet long. Good incentive.

* I've been having serious insomnia issues for days now. Not falling asleep, but staying asleep...particularly waking up at like 4am and not being able to go back to sleep.

* I haven't failed yet on my "Knit From Your Stash" commitment. I said it was okay to go through with my registration for Socks That Rock, and I did...because holiday and early birthday gifted monies covered it anyhow. And I said I'd buy yarn from independent dyers, and I did buy a skein of sock yarn (pics soon). But of those purchases were not in violation. Although I am not sure why, as it really does seem like it is the sock yarn that is taking over the stash, now that I really look at it. But here we are, 21 days into the new year, and I already cruised a yarn store for something specific...something thicker than sock yarn...and the only reason I didn't get in there and buy something is because the yarn store was closed. Me thinks I'm not going to make it. Me thinks I'm screwed.

* The Sabah Ensemble (the group I teach and peform with) is on the roster to perform at this year's Rakkasah. We'll be on the Cabaret Stage at 2:40pm. Yes, Karen...this is my official declaration that I am performing and not just directing.

* Tomorrow is blocking day for my first handknit shawl.


Carrie said...

Ooo you do have a lot going on! I commiserate about the yarn store. I tried to go the other day, but my mom wouldn't watch the kiddies. I may not make it to September, either...

jodi said...

I have been waking up around 4 am and lying awake an hour or more for a number of years now. I can't remember for sure where I heard this but I think in a CBC program, that this problem gets worse as we age, and that the body naturally slides towards a biphasic sleep pattern, to the extent that a lot of elderly people will just get up at 4 and stay up for a few hours. I hope that's not my future, who will I talk to when I have to get up at 4 in the morning? Unless you're still awake at 1 am out there, we can have insomniac phone chats. ;)

Mouse said...

knit it and then WEAR it! oh the shame, the horror, the squeeky plastic-ness of it all!

~Donna~ said...

Zagareet!!!!! I will be there with zills on (Instead of the perverbial bells) to see you guys perform!

I have had the same problem with the getting up early. It's either 3am or 4am. Ugh.

I am making progress on my paper too! Shred, shred, shred, recycle, shred! I have a little bit of an incentive I'll blog about on Friday.

Congrats on the weight loss too. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! She's dancing!!

I've also had problems waking up at 4 am. It's not only an age thing, but also a stress thing and a bathroom thing. I've found it helpful to stop eating and drinking by 9 pm. And to have a wind-down routine (e.g., no playing on the computer all night).

Karen the Dancing Lurker

Hannah said...

Great sock! I can't wait to hear more about the spinning wheel.