Sunday, March 25, 2007

here's the scoop

Here's what's up.

I hate my computer right now.
About a week and a half ago, my mouse wasn't working, and when I "fixed it", I blew up everything else. Now the printer doesn't work, I can't plug in my camera an upload photos, nor can I get music onto my MP3-playing cell phone. You'd think it's something with the usb ports, but TheMostImportantGuy (whos is much geekier than I am) says that doesn't explain I don't have speakers, either. I'm hoping he's got some time to take a look at the thing today, because it's driving me nuts.

All of this is making sitting down at the computer to read blogs, write a post, or even return emails, a very unpleasant thing for me.

So I've resorted to doing more purging around the house.

And yes, it has become evident to me that there is in fact, for me, a great big fat link between sitting at the computer for hours, and sitting and knitting for hours, and the piles of crap in my house. So I haven't been knitting much either.

But the house is coming along great. It's not the kind of great you can easily see, though. It does not have that zen feel or anything. What's getting purged is all the cabinets and drawers and underneaths of beds and stuff. So at the end of the day you make a trip to goodwill, but come home and it looks like nothing has changed. But I know it has. And our plan is to move this summer, and this is going to make it a whooooole lot easier.

These last two weekends and the days in between we focused on MyFavoriteKid's room. Now usually we clean out his room and discard unused toys twice a year. Once in June, right around his birthday, and once in Decemeber, right before the holiday. Obviously a wave of new stuff comes in at both those times, so we clear a few old things out to make room for the new. But last summer I was on tour, so we skipped it...and I'm not sure what happened around the holidays, so we skipped it then, too. Add to that the fact the MyFK has made some huge leap with what he is interested in this past year, and there was a ton of stuff to unload. The entire backseat of my car has been filled with donations TWICE. MyFK's room looks great, and he got all crazy with the labelmaker, it really feels like an organizer came through and made some magic.

So that's what's up over here.
When cleaning stops being so entertaining (because yes, it is hard work...but it is feeling realllly good) and the computer stops being a mean nasty bitch, I'll be back.


al said...

ack! good luck with your computer. that's so cute about the labelmaker, i love my dymo too :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a labeler, too. It makes everything seem soooooo organized. Best of luck with your computer ills.

Rabbitch said...

We miss yoooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Ah, monsters in closets and under beds: the truth behind the metaphor. They have outstayed their welcome; time to send them home to monster-land. Perhaps the bitchy computer is just trying to help you in her own way. ("No! No speakers and no photos 'til clean your room!")

Sometimes these devices seem to get ideas above their station. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your physical surroundings have a profound effect on you. Your home should be free of clutter. You will feel much better once all is in order - mentally and physically.

hate to sound like a fortune cookie but it's true

Carrie said...

I know what you mean. I've been totally in the cleaning mood, but when you have this much stuff, it's hard to see you've been working. Good job on the donations! It will be nice when your computer is fixed, so we can read you again =)

Gray said...

Nice to see you! Good luck with your computer and the Great Purge.


Jennie said...

Good luck with your computer. I just realized that I think I met you! Last yr at the Yarn Harlot thing at Full Thread Ahead. You made the wry joke about Second Sock Syndrome and not worrying about it...! :D

Anne K. said...

Hey, many apologies if you've already posted about this, but I wonder what your thoughts are about Heather Mills on "Dancing With the Stars". The show is my guilty pleasure - but I'd love to get some of your candid thoughts about her participation specifically. Love your blog!!!

JessZ said...

What do you mean you aren't blogging! I'm finally back. Shouldn't everyone else be too? How about I send my husband over to fix your computer and you can come out here and teach me about this "cleaning as entertainment" thing.

Philip. said...

Great entry, great blog - keep up the good work.

I've linked your blog to mine.

Take care,

Philip, a below-knee-amputee

Anonymous said...

Yuck. Sounds like you run Windows. Its device manager sucks, and you can screw it up just by jiggling a cord connection. You might just need to reinstall some drivers. (A jiggle on my speakers makes this necessary.) You may have to reinstall a lot, like Windows and absolutely everything. Back up your data if you can. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just surfed in from David's Sweater Project (or do you say Sweaty project? I do) blog. Then I got compelled to comment when I got to the part about purging of clutter- I just moved in December and I already need to do it- but mostly getting crazy with the label maker. Labeling always makes me feel invincible in the domestic spheres, like Martha Stewart or something. Fun, fun, fun!
Anyway I just wanted to say hey, too.

Anonymous said...

Computers rock when they work but when they don't your life becomes e-hell.

Ralph said...

Your blog is so good. Sorry I don't stop by more often. Let me know if you need any help with your computer.