Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a whole new blog

I've come to understand something.
If I want to keep up this blog, I can't do it the same way that I have always done it.

Historically, mosts of my posts fit into one of these categories:

* Posts that are reflections (or prattleing) inspired by a visual image, and image that I would like to include in the post so I can keep track about what I'm reflecting or prattling about.

* Posts that are general updates, lists, records, etc...of whatever it is that is current at that moment, often supportd by an image to give it the feel of my handwritten journals (all stuffed with scraps and doodles and stuck together with gluestick), ie more like a personal scrapbook.

* Posts that are deep thoughts that I am processing right here on the screen in some feeble attmept to crystalize nauxious brainfart fumes it into text.

* Posts that I spend wayyyy too long editing so that I can make sure I am going to be understood, which is often is not accomplished anyhow (and you'd think with all that time editing, I'd at least fix the spelling and grammatical errors and maybe even remove a few elipses....but...nahhhhh.)

Well, two things are keeping me from blogging the way I normally blog.

1) I am spending almost all of my free time witih the house purging project, in piecemeal.

2) The ComputerGods are against me.

Let me elaborate on #2.
I can't spend alot of time with my darling computer right now because she is still broken.

Oh how I love thee dear computer for at least allowing me to check email and have the occasional online chat with those I love clicking away with.... (I'm trying to be nice to her so she'll hold out a few more weeks until she can be sent to the computer equivalent of horses going to the glue factory, and be replaced with a shiny sleek stallion).

I have no usb ports.
I think I mentioned it here before already, but it's something about a surge and a motherboard or something something. Whateverrrr...I just know that I can't upload photos from my camera, I can't print anything, and I cant download music or podcasts to my mp3 player. For some reason, I have no speakers either, so I cant even download stuff to listen while at the computer even. Gah.

But it still boots up. And I can still get online to check email and be on the internet. Unfortunately, part of the attempt to fix the computer involved changing out the power source, and the "new" (recycled) power source has a fan that is so damn loud, that when I sit at the computer it feels like I'm at the dentist's office getting a root canal. In other words, I don't like to sit at the computer for long. Not long enough to be happily editing away at my blog, that's for sure. And not long enough for me to be sitting and reading anyone else's either, I am saddenned to report.

The purging project and the poopy computer have created a bloggers block, even though my creative self is not blocked at all, and I feel like I have tons and tons of things to write about here.

And I miss it here.

And if I want to keep the blog, I am going to need to reinvent it.

Sometime this weekend, between purging and donating old sets of linen and disposing of expired vitamins, I realized that if I really want to be "one with my blog", I'm going to need to do it entirely differently than I'm used to doing it for awhile.

My goal is to come here every day for a couple of weeks, giving it a commited whirl so I can see what happens. I'm going to be writing here more in the style of how I would keep a paper journal, which in my case means less editing of thoughts.
Expect lots of brainfarts.
And typos.
And few photos.
Becuase if there are to be any photos at all, it will be because I've decided to take an old photo that I had wanted to blog about but had never made the time for. I cant get new photos off my camera yet.

Hang with me if you want to, and we'll see what happens ;-)

And hopefully in a couple of weeks it will rain new laptops pr something.


Carrie said...

Yay, you're back! Sorry about your computer problems. In a completely safe way, of course, I hope it rains laptops for you, soon. I'm looking forward to hearing an online rendition of a paper journal, so long as you're back in the pack! Hope you had a good holiday - have fun with the purging! (both physically and thoughtfully)

M-H said...

Waiting for the laptop shower. Hope it happens soon.

JohnK said...

Recreating the blog - I feel like I'm in that space, too. maybe I'm always in that place.

What ever you do I'm looking forward to reading it..... I'm glad you're back.

~Donna~ said...

YAY - you posted! Missed you my friend!

Oh, and if there's any overflow when it rains laptops...let me know.

I'll be hear reading your brain farts...

Diane said...

Glad you're back and that my assumption of 'puter problems was correct.

Carol said...

I'm with you, eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

Gray said...

Thanks for the post!

We are patient. Best of luck with purging! And enjoy your stallion.

Liz said...

I am not sure which is harder, recreating or creating, building new habits or changing old ones.