Friday, April 20, 2007

well, I have figured out a few of things in the past few days

For one, throwing money at a situation doesn't fix things. I mean, I knew that. But I've been feeling a bit funky, and this just happens to be the week that the settlement check arrived (if you've been following along). All it brought was the stress of figuring out what to do with it and a 10 day holding period at the bank.

The next thing I've noticed is an interesting twist of my current emotional state: in my internal/emotional/personal life, buttons are being pushed that make me feel really little. In my external/mental/show the face to the world life, I'm signing escrow papers, hiring contractors, and opening investment accounts.
It's like a little rollercoaster.

And the last thing I know for sure is that I absolutely adore all of the comments I've gotten over the past week or two, and I haven't shown that be replying to them. I'm going to do that in a post this weekend.
But they really have been appreciated gang. Big smooches to everyone :-)


~Donna~ said...

Girl you just do what you need to know what's're a smart cookie too...we'll all be here if/when you need us.

Hope this makes sense. My head is up in the clouds lately. ;)

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Hang in there kiddo. Thy always say to act the way you want things to be and sooner or later you will believe it too. Can't think of just how Dr Phil puts it. I think I'm having a garage sale mental breakdown. hehehe

Scoutj said...

*huge you tight*

Scoutj said...

Ha! That was supposed to be HUGS.


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea you reached a settlement. Yay! What a relief for you! How did I miss that???

I'm very, very pleased for you. I hope you're happy with it, too. Keep blogging - I like keeping up with what's going on with you =)

Lorena said...

Yes, keep blogging, please! Even though I almost spelled it "blooging"! And even though I am primarily a lurker! But really, yes; you do need to do what's best for you, and your heart will tell you what that is. Sometimes it's a whisper, and sometimes it's a shout. But it is there.

Wishing you 110% of the best.

(oh, and hey... does all this purging include yarn? Like, as in if someone had some yarn that was just calling your name, would you refuse it...?)

Jennie said...

That sounds stressful even though it involves an influx of money. Take it easy on yourself and remember to breathe... (don't forget to keep breathing, that's a mistake I don't want to repeat!)

Gray said...

Dealing with the incoming settlement is a problem you long deserved to have! Congratulations and best wishes.

Julie R. said...

From someone who rides that same rollercoaster in a different seat:

Things *will* get better ... and then you'll dip again, but maybe not so low the next time ... and then things will get better *again*.

Hold on tight, my friend! And let your fellow passengers help you!!

(Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!)