Sunday, May 06, 2007

and there you have it

The new laptop.
She hath arrived.
I got her Wednesday, but being the non-geek that I am, I was afraid to even hit the power switch without The(QuiteGeeky)MostImportantGuy looking at her first.
I just this very moment I am realizing the laptop is a she. That is interesting.
So I've been tinkering with her since Thursday, and it took me until yesterday to figure out how to set up the printer and hook up the camera (which was as difficult as just plugging it in...duh).

I have gotten very used to life without the computer.

For many many weeks now, I have been using my old dino (the one with no usb ports. the one whose fan made this grinding sound that reminded me of a wet saw) to just do the absolutle bare minimum:
check email.
chat via instant messenger so as not become a complete hermit

Clearly, you all can see that I wasn't logging on to create a blogpost. Although, lord knows I tried. You only need to go a few posts back to see that I tried to reinvent the big fat blog wheel in my mind and make a commitment to post everyday...but for some reason the wet saw noise and blogging didn't go together.

I also was not reading any blogs, either.
This has been a very sad thing.
See, I thought I'd get the taptop and I'd catch up.
On Thursday, when I sat down with my shiny new toy, my bloglines reavealed that I had over 1400 posts to catch up on.
So I didnt read any Thursday.
Or Friday.
And it was yesterday that I realized that I'd created a monster than I would run screaming from. With a task that massive to attack, I'd flee.
So I clicked a couple times until the big scary number went down to zero.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. That felt much better. Sorta. I still have this horrible feeling like my friends have been talking to me and I haven't been listening. I'm not quite sure what to do about that. I'm sorta hoping that in keeping current with everyone's new posts, that it will sorta be like watching a soap opera. That you'll turn it on after missing it for awhile, and the characters are still the same, and it's not taking too long to catch up on the story line. But the truth of the matter is that blogs I read....some of y'all have become friends. Some of you....well, we've been commenting back on forth on each other's blogs for awhile and I feel like I know ou. Some of you....I haven't met in peson, but we've exchanged many many an email, and maybe we've even chatted online. And some of you are actually people I HAVE met in realtime, or you are even people that I DO know well, even before reading your blog. So I'm not quite sure what to do about this crummy feeling of being a flighty friend. I'm hoping that it will go away now that I have my computer telling me I have 4 posts to read this morning with my tea, and that I can actually manage that.

Lots and lots has been happening in my life since the computer blew up, and its a dilemma similar to the bloglines overwhelm. I've been mulling it around in my brain since the laptop arrived. How can I very cleverly catch my blog up? Asking myself that question has only put me in a place where it has taken me five days to be brave enough to even log in to blogger. So as with the reading of blogs, I'm doing the same with posting.

I'm not even going to try to catch myself up.
If there is a topic I missed that seems relevant going forward, well...I'll cover it.
And if I feel like going over something I missed, I'll do it.
But I think if I feel like I have to, I won't.
So I aint.

And there you have it.


mi-vox said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I was gonna say how cool it was that the lead singer of Aerosmith reads your blog, but I guess you deleted his comments. Oh, well. Glad you are back and with a brand-new laptop to boot.

InkyW said...

welcome back to blogland and congrats on the new addition :)

When I got back from surgery (remember, it was only 4 days), I had over 800 feeds to read. Sorry people, even in my recuperating condition I could never have caught up....thank goodness for mark all as read!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously considered not going on holiday because I knew how long my bloglines list would be when I got back :-)
Enjot the new laptop, what kind is she? (sorry inner geek showing)

M-H said...

welcome back. Don't feel guilty - we all go away from time to time, both from our real lives and out online lives. Our friends go on talking, they miss us then we ome back. Ebb and flow of life.

Carrie said...

Oh, you've got to let yourself off the hook here, girl. I haven't gone anywhere, and I still had to hit the little button that moved my blog updates to zero. They can quickly get away fromm you! (But, yeah, I felt a little bad after I did it, too) Congrats on the new laptop, I hope you and she get along very, very well. =)

And welcome back!

Gray said...

It's great to see you back. I hope that you will name this new girl of yours in your endearing way. MFC? (My Favorite Computessa?) You will think of something great. But I am remiss: congratulations on the new electronic family member.

You don't have to worry about what your many readers and correspondents think- everyone will understand. With that post, everyone here already does.

Enjoy the spring!

Anonymous said...

Mazeltov on the new laptop! Hopefully this will make your life easier.

Sheepish Annie said...

Blogging is supposed to be fun, I think. It shouldn't feel like a job or anything! Enjoy it and catch up on what you can. No biggie!

Congrats on the new computer!

Philip. said...

Welcome back and I am glad you have a nice, shiny laptop. Isn't it great when you get a new piece of kit!

Romi said...

Congrats on the new laptop and welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!! She's back!!

Karen the DL

Diane said...

Glad you're back.

I just love my laptop. It's so nice to be able to move about with it, or curl up on the couch, whatever.

Ragnar said...

It's lovely to have a new laptop...(looking at my new non-gender specific laptop...sigh) and it's good to have you back as well.

Lynda the Guppy said...

Every computer I have ever had has been "male." But when I got my new laptop (a white Mac), I found myself constantly calling it "her" and "she"

So I decided not to fight it and named it Lola. LOL. She now has a red dress (clear hard plastic cover) and a fur-lined coat (a plush-interior computer bag that won't scratch the glossy finish). All suitable for a Lola. LOL

Yes, I name my computers. And cars. And iPods. If I spend that much money on something, I'm darn well gonna name it. LOLOL.