Wednesday, August 15, 2007

takes one to know one

my favorite T-shirt, at present
if you want your own, get it here

MyFavoriteKid: How come when Nana and Papa come over, you make them a snack without them even asking...and when IIIIIIIIIII want a snack, I have to ask for it.
Me: Because the are guests.
MyFK: But I am a guest, too!!
Me: (laughing) No, you aren't!! You live here, dude!
MyFK: Yeah, but I GUESSED that I live here.

Reading this post, I am betting that what made it such a hilarious punchline was it being delivered orally.
Or maybe you just had to be there.
But I was there, and I split a gut.
Then I promptly made up a plate of cheese, crackers, and apple slices.
Without his asking.


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Your kid is a hoot.

jodi said...

Ooh, a master crafter of stinky puns in the making. I would have busted a gut too.

Speaking of YourFK, I have something to send him. Would you e-mail me your new address? I have something for you, too, if I can ever get arsed to finish it :P

JohnK said...

The t-shirt is now on my most wanted list. YourFK is borderline LOL , no over the top LOL. Glad you have that humor and brain power to keep you going.

Anonymous said...

I love your FK. I would have fallen down laughing. What a mind, wow! That was QUICK.

Anonymous said...

Remember what we used to say: "Treat your guests like family and your family like guests"; not to be confused with something someone else said: "keep your friends close and your enemies closer".


PICAdrienne said...

Oh, that is too funny. Reminds me of my son (between ages 2 and 3) yelling at his sister that he was not a tattle tale, he didn't have a tail. And turned around with his bottom stuck out at her, to show the lack of a tail.

He was not as amused when I fell over laughing at his misplacement of his Toy Story character doll. It was simply sad to hear him mourning, he 'had lost his Woody.'

Kids are priceless...