Friday, January 25, 2008

i need an end to the writer's strike

I came up with a joke yesterday while out at the market with my dad. I am certain I will be the only one laughing, but hey... I laugh at myself all the time anyhow.


How many gimps does it take to carry out your groceries??


One physically disabled person who likes to push the cart, another one who likes to load the car, and one socially retarded person to ask 4 times over if, "y'all are reallllly sure that you don't need any help?"


I know.
I'll never do standup.


~Donna~ said...

ohhhh....that was dum dum!! choooosh!!!

Rabbitch said...


Iffen y'all start doing standup, please let me know. (I'll bring tomatoes *g*)

So I take it you had an "incident" at the grocery store?

Janis said...

Um.. Joke was bad but I miss you! You will have to visit in Boston, missy.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

donna ~ thanks for being the only one to laugh. I knew I liked you :-)

rabbitch ~ and I will make raw tomato sauce *pffft*

janis ~ that would be so cool to meet up with you there! I'll keep tracking your blog to see when you go.