Thursday, February 07, 2008

things around my house thursday, 6 of 52

Things Around My House Thursday

Back to showing you another box full of goodies from the Wall O' Boxes Altar.

This is the "me" box.

On the left, that's me and my dad at Christmas time. I am going to guess circa 1968, maybe? I think I look like I was just creeping up on 2 years old.

I appear to be zoned out on a breakfast of lollypop from my Christmas stocking, and my dad was showing me how to use this toy train that I got. The "railroad ties" were little metal do-dads of varying lengths, so that they made differing musical pitches. You'd slide the ties in at different intervals, and viola! The train plays a song as it goes around the track.

This photo always gives me warm fuzzies about my dad. Also, every time I look at it I am sort of blown away at how I could manage sit like that, all twisted up with froggy legs.

The photo on the right actually has a date written on the back: May 8th, 1971. I am 4 years old then in that one, and getting ready to go to a tap dance performance. It seems to me there is some wild story from that day about my mom getting a traffic ticket, or my needing to switch cars or something so that I wouldn't be late for the show. If I ever get the details (or hellooooo mom & dad, I know you are reading, would it kill you to comment? LOL), then I will add it here as an edit.

The four quartz crystals are something I used to use quite often when I was doing a lot of ritual type stuff. One was used to mark each of the four directions when I would cast a circle.

Lastly, the red button says, "I am Loved," and was given to me by my friend Karyn when I was about 24. I think. Sounds about right.


Anonymous said...

It was your "recital" night &, as I was driving to go to the recital, I saw Mom's car on the side of the road with you, Mom & the cop standing next to her car & the police car. I pulled behind the cars, got out & asked the cop the scoop, then I instructed Mom to leave & take you to the recital while I clear up w/the cop, who was now speechless. All was dismissed the following day. BTW, it was a great recital.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Awww, thanks Dad :-)

JohnK said...

Recital night tale made my morning. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures, cute story - you certainly are loved by your sweet dad! :)

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

John ~ Welcome. Hey! we both have little kid photos on our blogs! :-)

jennakate ~ thanks, and yes I am!

Unknown said...

I seem to remember my sister (niece-they're 18 months apart) getting that train set one Christmas.

Cool story about your dance recital, too!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

suzanne ~ yeah, I like that story, too. My mom wanted my dad to comment again to add the detail that nothing illegal was happening LOLOL. I guess we had just moved to a new state, and there was some trouble with the plates or the registration or the license not having been converted correctly or something.