Friday, February 08, 2008

yesterday and today

I have been tinkering around inside the van trying to get it travel ready. Like I said, it is sort of like furnishing a studio apartment or something. Last night I even referred to it as the "Mini Maison".

I am doing everything possible to pull from things from the house that I already have rather than going out and buying things for it. Lord knows, even after all of the purging and the moving last summer, I still have a few duplicates, especially in kitchenware. I don't feel bad about that. I'm a trained chef. It would be like parting with sock yarn or something, for you knitters you there. Sometimes you just have to surround yourself with your craft.

Of course there are things I am having to purchase that are specific to rv life, like electrical adapters, specific extension cords, toilet chemicals, yadda yadda. It's been fun, but a bit expensive, and a little overwhelming. Lots of new information I am having to learn, about charging systems and water systems and whatnot. It's a good new interest to have, but I have a bit of BrainDrain going on still. I read the manuals, and I feel like I am studying for a quiz or something. Actually, it is exactly like that. With a pre-test this weekend, a study group next weekend, and the final exam in March.


I have been catching up on reading blogs. It is embarrassing how far behind I had gotten, especially about people I actually "know" (either in real life or in cyber) and care about. I think I might need to weed out my queue or something. Being over 200 posts behind all the time, even after playing catch up, is a pretty good sign that I am overextended.


I got a little lost today clicking through on the internet, and ended up at the Knitted Landscape. I think I am going to need to do some sort of something like this for myself as I travel about in that van. Not so sure I should be knitting traveling 'shrooms to go along with a VAN, though....hahahaha. Hell, I'm not even sure about knitted flowers (peace, man).

But I will come up with something. Hmmm...maybe little creatures.


* Tonight I am heading down to see TheMostImportantGuy's band play a gig (I just went to his MySpace page to get the link for you, and it describes the music as,"Electro Industrial Power Noise for your booty." Hahahaha).

Tonight it's an all ages/alcohol free show, so MyFavoriteKid is coming along, too. He really likes TheMIG's music but he's not usually permitted in clubs. Headlining the show is a band called Babyland that find thoroughly entertaining.

Here are some photos of the last time I saw them:

Not any punk rockin' dude can pull off a plain ol' pink t-shirt, let me tell ya'.

There are 2 guys in the band that play over pre-recorded backing tracks. The singer guy (above), if I recall, also played some keyboards....and then there is this drummer guy....

...who isn't playing a traditional drum kit.
It's more like trashcans and pipes and metal junk stuff.

Which he occasionally takes power tools to.

Like I said, highly entertaining.

Shut up. I know. Bad mommy, some of you are mumbling. But it's a great show. And hey, at least I enforce the earplug rule.


Mouse said...

Yeah.. lets avoid the knitted 'shrooms unless you truly want to go down the "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test/ Merry Prankster" road... mmmkay?

Carrie said...

I don't think you're a bad mommy. That looks like the kind of band my husband and I would have loved, back when we used to get out =) Have a great time!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

mouse ~ yeah, I already did that trip when I owned my 1970's vw bus LOL (just kidding...about the "trip", but not about the bus)

carrie ~ well, see there is the trick. Take the kid with you LOL.

Anonymous said...

NOT a bad mommy, nope. People who don't share things they care about with their kids aren't going to connect so much. That's why mine knit and craft with me, and they paint, play video games and watch Batman cartoons with Dad. When they're interested, they'll go to music shows with us, too!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

not supergirl ~ well, thank you...and yeah, I don't know how I'd NOT expose him to the arts! Most of the people around him (and me) are musicians and dancers. He's been going to concerts since he was a wee little one ;-)