Saturday, April 19, 2008

snaps on saturday

I am pathetic. Not always. But this time for sure.

The backstory: I am definitely spiritual, although not religious. I was raised Jewish, and from what minimal exposure I have had to Judaism over the years, I dig it. Passover has always been my absolutely all time favorite holiday, Jewish holiday or otherwise, and my mom's cooking is the key component. I look forward to it every year.

The current status: This year my mom and dad were too wiped from the Boston trip to want to pull off a seder dinner. When mom announced that early this week, I was disappointed, and then like most disappointments I don't feel like processing, I just decided to not think about it again.

Tonight: MyFavoriteKid asks for a dinner of his favorite shrimp noodle soup, and I oblige. I set the bowl on the counter next to the box of matzoh my mom left me earlier in the week as a token passover cancellation gesture and that's when I realize...ha...tonight is passover. ...and it hits me hard.

For all of those wonderful passover memories my parents gave me, look at what passover memory I created for my kid:

TOP. FRIGGIN'. RAMEN. What a slacker. I am so ashamed of myself. I am 41 years old, this year I finally live in a house I could have entertained a group in, and I am a professional chef and caterer.

When my mom said she couldn't do it, did I pick up the ball??? NO. I accepted a box of matzoh, pouted, and I just gave up on it. And I made TOP RAMEN.


I need to go hang my head in shame now.

I swear, right here, right now, I will do better next year.
Check back here next year, will ya'??
And if I fail, bitchslap me.


ginaknits said...

You are absolutely not pathetic for not going all out for a seder dinner. You are an amazing and very busy person and your are actually doing your very best to deal with everything on your plate. I spent many years trying to recreate my mom's Christmas dinner until I realized everyone detests the family recipe for turkey stuffing. Everyone cheered when I threw in the towel on that disgusting stuff.

Dance related - I missed your performance at Cal State East Bay last month (too many taxes, not enough time), but I did catch the video you posted. It was great to see the bowels of the University Theater used as a set. I have absolutely set aside next Friday to see you in person.

Unknown said...

In all fairness, you were wiped out from the Boston trip too. Instead of next year in Jerusalem, it's next year at your house.

woolywoman said...

Yah, well, I did the seder, and then, Monday night TOTALLY forgot it was passover, and breezed thru the drive through with the kids. I hadn't even washed the chins, yet, so I'm not sure how I forgot about it. We arrived home, gorging on fast junk food, to the disbelieving eyes of my husband. What? OOhhhhh.