Thursday, June 12, 2008

things around my house thursday, 17 of 52

More from the "art on my walls" series, and I don't think I have it in me to double up today. the next couple of pieces I am going to be showing are important, and I don't want them to get all mushed up. They deserve separate entries. I might try to do a few more individual "things around my house" posts between now and next week, though. I would love to get caught up.

Things Around My House Thursday, 17 of 52

This is a painting done by a bellydance student and friend of mine, Metzalli. The longer I know her, the more I am blown away by her creativity. I keep finding out that she has more and more talents. She is a clothing designer, she paints, she dances and performs, she sings and plays guitar....and she does it all quite well, and in her own unique style. She is also making and selling these awesome handmade bags (and don't buy the one with the bunny ripping his heart out unless you are buying it for me...or I will have to hunt you down).

Anyhow, Metzi painted the piece you see above the night she heard about my big fat car accident (At least I think it was that same night. Not long thereafter, for sure). I can't remember her exact words (things were kind of a blur back in that first chunk of time when she gave it to me--my life was one giant pain-killer-o-rama), but I know that her painting this was important to her processing how she was feeling when she got the news. She gave it to me at some point thereafter, and I just adore it.

For a long time, it hung in one very very special room (one that very few people know about, and one that I've never written about here, but probably should at some point). It was a little artist's studio that I shared with TheMostImportantGuy when we first met. When we let the studio go, the painting came home with me and hung in the bedroom of my old house.

This painting means a lot to me for many reasons. I really feel love and warmth and healing when I look at it. I see strength and vulnerability and a connection with the earth. For a long time it was the first thing I saw upon rising in the morning. It has been a huge part of my processing the accident, as well.

The other reason this painting means so much to me, is that in admiring its colors, I gained the nerve to paint the walls of my new home.

My bedroom was completely designed around my learning to understand how these colors worked together to make me feel good. My bedroom has lots of dark brown wood, sky blue, purples and aubergines.

The painting hangs just to the right of the bed, above my nightstand. It hangs on the opposing wall from the entry way to the bedroom, so when you walk in the room (or pass by it), it is the first things you see (sorry I don't have a picture of where it hangs--I forgot to do that when it was daylight).

Anyhow, I love this painting, and it is one of my most cherishes possessions.

I am exhausted.
It seems like I am always exhausted these days.
I feel like I have plenty to write about, but having so much to write about is exactly what makes it so I don't have time to write.
If that makes any sense. It's almost midnight, so it might not. I'm just home from dance class, and can't wait to crawl into bed. G'night.