Tuesday, July 22, 2008

circa 1967

Awhile back, I shared a really old photo of myself, but I had wanted to it to be a different photo that than one I had posted...one of my mom and I.
First my mom had said yes to the photo I had chosen, but the she came back and said no.
Then a few weeks after that, she came back with a different photo, and said yes to the new one.
Fickle, us women ;-)
I waited even a couple more weeks to be sure she wouldn't change her mind again, but she's cool with it.

Hottie, huh.
I'm somewhere in the buggy, at one month old.

The photo was uploaded 6/9 and saved here for an autopost, as I'm out of town on tour right now.
oh, and I even reconfirmed with my mom 7/8 that it's still okay ;-)


Penny L. Richards said...

I think my mother had that same baby buggy--and probably very similar boots, too!