Sunday, July 06, 2008

upcoming shows in los angeles

**warning: this advertisement is a wee bit adult-ish. Scroll at your own risk ;-) **

Below is the listing from our upcoming run at Highways in Santa Monica, CA.
I will be performing in the revisit of "Anicca", but Eric has mentioned that once we get into the theater and start rehearsing, I might be utilized somewhere within "Oust".

July 17 - 26
Thurs. - Saturdays 8:30pm $20/$15


The innovative San Francisco based dance/theater company presents an evening of boundary-pushing excerpts from their recent works.

In addition to their newest work oust (chapter 1), Dandelion is bringing from their acclaimed Undressed Project excerpts of ANICCA, the recent full-length Undressed work, and the West Coast premiere of Testiculish, a work by men of diverse body types exploring violence, sensuality, intimacy and the bizarre rituals of gender roles.

oust (chapter 1) is Dandelion’s first segment of a project that will culminate in an evening-length work to premier in 2010. The project is the third cycle of a trilogy of works by Dandelion co-director Eric Kupers, sprouting from investigations of the Buddhist “three marks of existence” teachings, which identify three essential characteristics of all phenomena: Anicca, Anatta and Dukkha (impermanence, non-self and unreliability). The first of these cycles is represented by the work ANICCA. The full-length ANICCA reveals a provocative interplay of the sensuality, complexity, vulnerability and impermanence of naked bodies. In each performance of ANICCA, local performers join Dandelion’s radically diverse ensemble onstage. For the performances at Highways, local naked performers from Southern California will participate in the Undressed Project Community Chorus.

Testiculish utilizes unusual partnering to flow through a spectrum of experiences in male/male relationships: aggressive to erotic to violent to silly to mysterious. The piece is performed in varying states of undress by dancers/musicians/actors of all sizes and shapes, with and without physical disabilities.
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If you come, make sure to say hi. Feel free to ask for me if you don't see me milling about after the show.