Saturday, August 02, 2008

snaps on saturday

(although the photos were taken on Tuesday...sorry, that's just been the state of things around here lately).

While TheBon and her hubby were in town, we took a drive up through wine country and made a stop at the Old Faithful Geyser of California. Entertaining for sure, but probably one of the the more quirked out tourist-y things I have ever done.

The geyser pretty neat, actually (although I still have this theory that there are geyser gnomes somewhere underground making it all operate with an old bicycle pump).

My favorite thing though, was to learn there there really is such a thing as fainting goats. Noting from The Geyser website that they even had fainted goats, I watched this video the night before...

...which of course made me really want to get my money's worth and see one actually "faint".

Of course, while we were there, only one poor little baby goat "fainted", and it happened while I was off in the gift shop buying everyone in our party bottled water.
I feel slightly ripped off.
I may need to go back.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I wouldn't have believed it unless I watched that video. Incredible! Too bad you missed the real show.