Sunday, August 03, 2008

once you get past the whining (yes i am still a complainer) there is photos of a finished sweater

This morning was a wee bit frustrating. I woke much up earlier than I really wanted to. Even set the alarm. On a Sunday. Tore myself away from TheMostImportantGuy, whom I'd much rather have been enjoying a leisurely morning with. Dropped MyFavoriteKid off at TheEx's so they could visit for the morning (since they didn't get their regular Thursday visit, as we were trapped in the house). Then I hauled my ass into San Francisco to meet up with the SF One-Sock-A-Month group (ravelry link). We were to meet at a cafe at 10am for an hour, then go shopping at a local yarn store.

Well, I got off the freeway in SF only to find that this was the day for the SF Marathon, and my route to the meet up was blocked. No matter which road I turned down trying to get around things, I was gridlocked. I ended up making a u-turn and getting back on the freeway to head home.

Lovely way to spend the morning (not to mention a quarter tank of gas and two bridge tolls--yay).

The only bonus is that I had gotten myself all dolled up in my new sweater. I actually finished it almost a month ago, but I had not photographed yet.
So guess what I did today, since I had it on, and was also wearing lipstick?! I took some pics!

Last we saw Juliet, she was rather ill-fitting... I ripped her out to the arm-pits and added more to the length before beginning the lace section.

I finished the re-knit July 6th, and took I brought the sweater on the trip to Los Angeles with the intention of adding these buttons...

...which of course, I conveniently left home. Duh. So when I went to visit that really great yarn store, I picked up these buttons:

I also bought these....

...which I thought could be an interesting match, because Juliet is intended to be worn sort of "toggled" in the front, like this:

(from the pattern/website)

In the end, I didn't sew ANY of the buttons on!!
While I was trying to make my mind up which buttons to use, I started wearing Juliet with a shawl pin, like this...

...and sometimes like this....

...and I've decided that's just fine by me ;-)
To be honest, I don't think ripping and re-knitting did my figure any favors at all. It's a really cute sweater, and I get lots of compliments when I wear it (I think it's mostly the color people are responding to), but it just makes me feel...I dunno...big?? I feel like maybe I should try washing/drying it to shrink it almost. But I'm not sure I want to risk that. Anyhow, it's cute enough to wear, I just don't feel as hot lookin' in it as I had hoped for. Pretty decent for my 2nd sweater, though ;-)

Here's a link to where you can find the pattern.
And here's a link to my project page on Ravelry.


The Bon said...

I don't think it makes you look big, but I think the volume and level of the skirt-y portion is probably what's making you feel that way. Like, it was too high before, but maybe a smidge too low now? Either way I think it looks fabulous, and comfortable and it IS a great color for you.

Mouse said...

I love the idea of the shawl pin rather than either set of buttons.. good choice! I think it looks gorgeous.

Janice in GA said...

Dude, if you can't whine to your blog buddies, who CAN you whine to?? :)

The shawl pin is a fabulous solution. The only thing about having a button, though, is that it's pretty much always there. But I'm the sort of person who can sit in a totally empty room, put something down, and LOSE it.

I don't think the sweater makes you look big, but I think I can see why you'd think so. Like the bon said, it's probably the skirty bit. It's probably a bit heavier than you'd expect (though I could be totally wrong there), and heavier things make me feel, well, HEAVY. But the sweater (and not just the color) does look good on you.

Carol said...

Oh my dear, you look fetching as always.

Might I suggest that you consider knitting a sweater in (ahem) a finer weight yarn? I think you are simply responding to the bulkiness of the fiber.

Not that I'm on a crusade to convert the world to knitting with fine yarns, mind you....

Lorena said...

I agree with what's already been said; you do look great (dammit, I was going to say "fetching" but Carol beat me to it) but perhaps starting the lace maybe an inch, tops, earlier, and using a finer gauge yarn...? Might make you happier? Not that I'm suggesting you make it again, mind you! I think it looks fine the way it is!

jane said...

love it, been thinking about making that. the color is perfect for you!

i jsut bought an absolutely gorgeous tortoise shell shawl pin taht might work.

p.s. i am friending you on ravelry. i love what you have to say and how you express yourself. i love that you are a knitter. i also loved your truly heartfelt words about your neighbor - you remind me of my mom and my sister and who i aspire to be.


EkC said...

I love the sweater, and the color! Pretty pretty. :)

Jennie said...

I liked it both ways! Where did you get that shawl pin? And those buttons, yum.


Dragonfly7673 (Vicki) said...

I love the sweater, and I love that with the shawl pin instead of buttons you get two totally different looks with it.

~Donna~ said...

Juliette looks great, and you look great in it! I'm back from the UK with the perfect yarn for this sweater. :)