Sunday, September 21, 2008

back on track

Hey there! Back on the grid. All the posts are going up tonight. Sorry to flood you with so much shit you couldn't care less about, like bug bites and bars and whatnot.

Here's some additional photos from the weekend:

Like I said, besides just hunting down dive bars, I also like to find the older parts of town. Above there, that's the old hall of records building in Yuba City, built in 1881.

Just up the street from that is the Veterans Memorial Park. Check this out:

It's a flag. And then the entire rest of the park is one big fat giant wheelchair ramp. Hahahahahaha. I know I'm a little strange, but I find that hilarious.

Then there was the janitorial supply company that offers... bibles.

Okay. Onto Marysville. If you remember from yesterday's bar version of this very same tour, this would be the historic D Street:

These next two shots serve as additional proof that I really do look around for old buildings (not just cold beer):

And this should serve as proof that I can in fact sniff out a yarn store without even trying:

The Sew-So Shop on D Street in Marysville. Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Everything.

That's grandma. Her daughter owns the store, and her grand-daughter runs the register when mom's away. Grandma? She just likes to come in and hang out ;-)

And yes, I did buy yarn. *sigh*