Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday. travel day. delayed post!

**no internet access, but mwahahaha....the content was created and I am within blog 365 guidelines, so here ya' go:

I'm not sure I have written about this on the blog before or not. Have I mentioned that when TheMostImportantGuy and I go exploring new places, that our absolute favorite thing to do is to go hunting down dive bars??

Well, not just that. I also have a knack for sniffing out yarn stores (go figure) and I like to find old downtown streets and check out old houses, too. But we looooves us a dive bar.

Well, we found some gooooodies up the ol' gateway to Gold Country area. TheMIG reviews them over at so you can find more details there, but here we go:

See?? DIVE. BAR. hahahaha.
This place was actually pretty cool on the inside, believe it or not. It's called the Corner Bar and it's in Yuba City. It's for sale, if you ever want to buy yerself a bar, too. It's currently owned by an active fireman and some of his partners who apparently never show up to help out. The fireman's wife tends bar and apparently at night this place is packed with a 20-30 crowd and there is a dance floor. And fights. And then the cops come and then the fireman hears about it the next day at work, and it's giving him a headache.

We got all of that out of the fireman over an icy cold beer. Then the fireman told us that since we were on DiveBarTour2008, we should check out the Silver Dollar:

Place serves food and was voted best Tri-Tip. We only had bar snacks, but they were suprisingly good. Still cannot figure out why the buddhist temple is situated so close behind it that it almost seems attached. Kind of odd. But neat in a quirky sort of way.

The Silver Dollar is at the dead end of the main drag (D Street). So we cruised around and window shopped and found this dive:

Ooooo what I pit. Super nice bartender, though. Actually, every bar we went into had nice people. I'm a wimp and since I had already had 2 beers (in what, 3 hours?? I had a diet coke).

Last but not least, my favorite bar of the day. We were driving back to the cow pond to hang out some more at the "exclusive rv resort", and we had to make some adjustments to our route due to road construction. That is when we stumbled into this place.

It was in the middle of nowhere. Like, we stopped in the middle of danged road and fished around for the camera and then took a few shots while the van was in the middle of road. There was nobody around. Well, almost nobody. A guy comes out of the bar and yells at us that if we are going to take a picture, why not come in and at least have a drink for crying out loud.

Turns out to be the best stop of the day, in my opinion. It's a guy who bought the bar 7 years ago and lives in the mobile home parked in the lot right next to it. I don't even know what to tell you about the place except the beer was ice cold and if I ever went back the same people would be sitting at the bar next time probably. It was a hoot. They made us feel totally welcome, which doesn't always happen at a place that is just for locals. It was very cool.

Okay, so there you go. A peek into our hobby. Now I just have to find internet access so I can post this damn thing.


jane said...

we (my husband chris and i) absolutely love dive bars. we live near philly and have a few gems here if you're ever out this way.


Carrie said...

What a neat blog entry! I love the idea of checking out dive bars, but I'm too timid. I hate when strangers look at me =/ Good for you guys - it sounded very fun!