Friday, September 26, 2008

best and worst

We have this tradition at my house called "Best & Worst". Most nights MyFavoriteKid and I tell each other the best and worst things that happened that day. Well, actually....the other way around. We tell the worst things first, though. End on an upbeat note.
It's always fun and enlightening.

Here are mine for today:

WORST: Waking up to hear the news that Washington Mutual tanked. I have money there. I also have money at AIG and Wachovia. Batting a thousand I am, eh?

BEST: TheMostImportantGuy commented on my post yesterday. I think that makes 3 or 4 comments over 3 years.

(MyFk's worst is that, "his mom is evil and wont let him stay up past 11 to play video games." His best was going to school)


The Bon said...

Worst: Bad experience with a client because I am inexperienced. Best: My mentor told me she was proud of me for another project. Also best: I have friends who rally to support me when the worst happens.

Also, hysterical that FK thinks you're evil because he couldn't stay up that late! I think my bedtime was 8 or 9 at his age, because we got up at 6 to go out milking and to do the chores. ;)

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have money at WAMU too. Thanks to that whole FDIC insurance thing, I'm mostly just impressed with my ability to pick a bank.

I'd been planning on switching banks anyway and I think this may be the thing that finally gets me to do something about that.

InkyW said...

You think you feel bad about WAMU tanking - they bought the bank I worked for after 20 years and WAMU manages my retirement fund (not 401K). Fortunately they are separate from the bank itself. I can only hope it'll still be there in another 20 years. Not counting on it.

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