Saturday, September 27, 2008

more bugs

This time, bugs I like!

(these bugs I LOVE, actually)

Handcrafted and sent to me by the famous JohnK of Napkin Please (Rav Link). Famous because he and his work are featured in the newly published book Knitting Art: 150 Innovative Works from 18 Contemporary Artists (although he was already famous for other things).

Congrats on the book, John!
And thank you for the scarf!!! You tooootally brought a much needed smile to my face today. The timing of picking up the mail and opening the package could not have been better staged. It was divine.

Snaps On Saturday

Taken at the 1st Annual American Canyon Music Festival today (just to show y'all what a fantastically po'dunk town I live in!):

the main stage
and something like "the diablo valley band"
(sorry, I don't remember exactly)

the rest of the venue
the audience, as small as it was, was not in front of the stage, but rather on the sides, where there was shade

elvis, on a "side stage", between acts

laying on the blanket, staring at trees
my favorite part


Emma said...

Wow, crazy scarf. So awesome.