Wednesday, September 24, 2008

shirt nose dog

Last night my mom and dad came over for dinner. The "appetizer" was getting the 120 clean tuxedo/band uniform shirts into the car so I could deliver them back to the music teacher today.

After getting them all in the car, I said to my mom, "DANG!!! I had wanted to take a picture of all of the shirts hanging up here for the blog!!! Shoot!!! Let's bring them all back in!!" (kidding, of course)

That's when my mom looked me dead in the face and said, "Actually, what you should post on your blog is a photo of your nose!!" (if you recall, I carved up my nose the other day with my fingernail by accident while I frantically flailing about and trying to swat a mosquito away). Oh, and then I kid you the end of that sentence, my mom literally laughed right in my face.


Here are the shirts (loaded in the car) to appease ME:

...and here is my nose (photo also taken in the car) to appease MY MOTHER:

(love you mom!)

Okay, and just for's a doggy photos. My neighbor Frank brought his Layla over today so she and Riley could have a "playdate".

Love her big ol' happy dog head :-)


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Is Riley trying to suck her brains out through her ear?

Carol said...

Hmm, I think I am beginning to see where you got your sense of humor from.

And you know what?

Your nose is still really, almost disgustingly cute, even with the scratch on it.