Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scary potential

So when TheMostImportantGuy rescued our new kitten, there was no mommy cat to be found anywhere in sight. No kitten siblings, either. There was, however, this one big male orange cat that had been coming around recently though. The question of the day has been if this big orange cat could possibly be KittenDad.

TheMIG has been trying to catch a photo of PotentialKittenDad for me, and tonight he finally got a decent shot:

MUCH better than the pic he snapped of PotentialKittenDad a couple of nights ago:

TheMIG says KittenDad was not hissing when the photo was taken. Maybe he was meowing or yawning or something...???
Or maybe he is just insane...???
And maybe it is has been passed along in the genes to my new kitten...???
...And maybe I had best start sleeping with one eye open!


Carrie said...

No kidding! Possible daddycat looks eeeeeevil! Too bad you can't find mommycat. She could point the paw at the correct fellow for you.