Tuesday, October 21, 2008

and the knitting parade continues...

Here's some more knitting, as part of my delayed parade.

I bought enough yarn to make seven of these in various colors:

It kind of looks like a dead rat just laying there...but look how cute it is once it is put on!

That's a girlfriend of mine. I gave one of the black ones to her as a birthday gift.

The black doesn't look so hot on me, sadly.
Here's me trying out a white one:

A little bit better. I have some chocolate brown, some icy grey, and some denim-ish blue, also. Once I finish them up, I'll have to pick out my favorite from the bunch. The rest will become gifts.
I really like wearing it. It's comfy and toasty. It will totally take the chill off my neck, and it's perfect for fall when I don't want to wear a big scarf.

Seastorm Scarflette by Kate McMullin

(Ravelry link to pattern~~Ravelry link to my project page)

Yarn: Rowan Big Wool Tuft

US 17

Taking a tip from the designer, I knit the whole thing up, then fiddled around with pulling the tufts all over onto one side of the work once I was finished. The other thing that I did was to slightly felt the tufts (just using damp fingertips and twisting) to make the ends of the tufts a bit more spikey.

Both of these have clear, square, vintage lucite buttons as closures, but I am toying around with exchanging the button on the white one for this big square red glass button that I just picked up. I think for the rest of the scarves I am going to get a little more funky with my button choices.

More Notes, Why Not:
* These are a big bang for the buck---under $8 per scarf! Woohoo!.
* These scarves are knit on size US#17 needles (for those who do not knit, those are BIG, and that usually means UberInstantGratification)
* Each scarf uses only one skein, which is only twenty-seven yards. TWENTY-SEVEN YARDS!!! (for those who do not knit, this means I knit the danged thing in like 30 minutes....but shhhhhh, because it looks like it took longer!)


Mouse said...

I really like the way the white one looks on you! Definitely a quick gift!