Wednesday, October 22, 2008

marching on....

....the parade of completed knitting continues.
(I swear, I do have other things to write about)

I finished a little sport sock:

This is the companion to the Over-The-Knee Pilates/Yoga Sock I made awhile back. I got to thinking that I'd also like to be able to wear the tall sock with boots and a skirt, but I don't want to go footless inside my boots. My plan was to wear the footless tall sock, but then toss on a little foot sock over it, but I got to thinking that I had just enough yarn to make it a matching set, and so there you have it!

Details about the lovely yarn are found within that link above.

There was no pattern for this, it's just a plain ol' vanilla sock. It was worked top down, with a slipped stitch heel and a wedge toe. It was done over 60 sts, on US 1-1/2's.

And here's GaaraTheCat helping me with the photo shoot:

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about socks and the knitting of them. See, the majority of the patterns out there for hand knit socks are for socks that are crew-lenght. The truth of the matter is that my preferred length for socks is either knee socks (or over the knee socks) that I wear with boots, or short sport socks, that I wear with tennis shoes. I do occasionally wear crew length with my converse tennis shoes, but then the majority of the sock is covered up by the shoe (not that it's all about showing them...I mostly just love they way they feel).

Anyhow, I've been thinking quite a bit lately about knitting more sinlge socks (since I only need the one) and doing them longer.

Not sure if that will happen. I still have a bit of an OCD compulsion to knit a complete pair.