Thursday, October 23, 2008

move over, bunnyman

Just kidding. No one will ever take the place of BunnyMan.

But is he is going to have to make room on the bed.

This creature came with a name already...but then again, so did my dog when he was rescued from the animal shelter, and we took away his jail name and gave him a real I don't know if this creature's name will stick or not.

The tag says:
Vimn There's nothing in the world that makes Vimn happier than taking a nap. If she's missing, you'll find her curled up someplace cozy. Her favorite food is cotton candy.

Gotta love a creature that eats cotton candy. The tag also says, "Remove this tag before giving to a child." I wonder if I'm supposed to leave the tag on since it's for me....

Hey, look at that. I basically just did a Things Around My House Thursday without even trying.


Carol said...

Around here, my kids would come up with scintillating, creative names like "Blobby," "Pinky" or "Schmoo." So I think you're on your own, unless you like "Candy" or "Pink Toothy"...

Carol said...

Or maybe Beverly (as in Sills). She looks like she's got quite a set of pipes.