Wednesday, April 01, 2009

i've never understood moderation

Moderation is just not a word that has ever made to this here extremist. Typically I am either doing something obsessively, or not at all. Kinda drives me nuts, but at 42 I'm kinda thinking this might be a "can't teach an ol' dog new tricks" sort of thing, and I'm just going to have to apply a different strategy when it comes to things like blog posting.

Last year I did daily entries for an entire year.
The year ended, and now I can't seem to get in more than one or two posts a month.


Back in the days before I had a blog, I would pull this routine with my pen and paper journal. I'd feel a twinge of guilt that I hadn't written in awhile, then I'd remember it was PAPER, and it had no FEELINGS, and that it was MY paper, and I'd get over it real quick-like and sit my ass down and write something.

But with the blog? I dunno. Seems like a whole different ballgame. I know it's a blank entry screen, I know it's MY blank entry screen....but I'm not entirely convinced that my blog has no feelings. It talks back. There are comments. There are people reading. And saying things. With feelings. The blog is not a book that I write in, and as obvious as that may seem, I forget that. After all these years.

Not sure if this rambling makes any sense, but....

I miss my blog. Every single day something happens that I want to document, but I don't, and then I get behind, and I feel guilty and lazy, and all sorts of other evils, and I'm just sick to death of being estranged from something I love so much and has become such a solid part of who I am.

So since I can't moderate this, I'm swinging the goshdarned pendulum the other direction.

See you tomorrow. And the next day. Etc.


Unknown said...

I'm someone you don't know at all, who got to your blog through another blog...but I have missed you this year and am glad you are going to write again.

~Donna~ said...

Have to admit I miss reading you too! Enjoyed our "chat" today. :)

not supergirl said...

While I miss reading your blog, I want to take a moment to say this, "It's OK." You don't have to do it everyday or even every month.
Now, with that said, sit your bum down and tell us what's going on in your life! ;)

JohnK said...

I do miss you....
But I understand no moderation.

Tootercat Pam said...

Bon Bon - Moderation is a four letter word with four syllables and as much as I love four letter words this is one that I also have a difficult time with...
I too know the all or nothingness of doing something. Mostly unfinishedness.....I just started my own blog today.....not sure how to give you the address - I have called it Tootercat Trails....wish me luck cause I never even got the hang of the damn journal.....
I love you!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Judy ~ Well, hello! Thanks for stopping by :-) And thank you.

Donna ~ meee toooo.

not supergirl ~ workin' on it!

JohnK ~ yah! No moderation is a strange thing, aint it?! I miss you too *hugs*

Pammy ~ how the *&%$ is moderation a 4 letter word LOLOL. You crack me up. Glad you are blogging! yay! (more glad you took up knitting...selfish me, mwahaha) Love you, too.