Monday, March 09, 2009

how to hit the reset button

1) Check in early at a boutique-y little hotel on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco's North Beach.

Hotel Boheme--the green building

2) Enjoy the room.

3) Oogle over hot Boyfriend.


4) Stroll around the neighborhood, take a few photos.

5) Pop into Rose Pistola for a late afternoon snack of sauteed garlicky spinach, grilled broccoli rabe, a salad of roasted beets, and nettle ravioli in marinara.

6) Go to Cobb's Comedy Club, see Jim Norton and laugh a whole lot. I was going to insert a YouTube video here, but the funniest ones aren't kid friendly. Happy hunting, though.... ;-)

7) After the show go out and have a midnight snack at the one very delicious Indian Restaurant (which is oddly connected to an Irish Pub...but rocked).

8) Wake up in the morning and have a cappuccino.

not where we had coffee,
but the view from where we sat and had coffee

9) Head over the Castro and hook up with the San Francisco Sock knitters for the monthly meet-up. Have another coffee. Oogle at TheMIG some more.

10) Quick stop at ImagiKnit for a needle and some lovely sterling and glass seed bead stitch markers (spoiled I am, yes).

11) Visit Carleigh, her hubby, and their new baby. (I know, I know....I don't know how I managed to not take a photo of her magical cuteness. It might have been 'cuz daddy was hoggin' da baby---not that I blame him. She's adorable.)

12) Take the scenic route home to the kennel to pick up the DogDogDog.

I am feeling much much better. I really needed the mini-vacation after all that boo-hoo-ing last week. Not that there is anything wrong with boo-hoo-ing, mind you.....but it was a much needed shift.


Mouse said...

Sounds like a great mini-vacation! Thanks for taking us with you..

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Good for you for taking the time! I'm glad you feel better.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Thank you for the pictures. We just moved from the East Bay to the mountains of SoCal a month ago, and I miss my home so. Seeing the City made my heart leap. :)

jodi said...

Man, I want SO BADLY to come down there.

And whoa, honey: TheMIG is a total fox!

(also, awww: my security word is "roses").

Anonymous said...

Ooh, TheMIG is totally worth oogling! Thanks for the eye candy! Glad you're doing better!

Andy Baker said...

I'm sort of jealous of your SF get-away. I keep telling the husband that he'd enjoy SF immensely. And it's nice to see the lucky guy. He is worth oogling.

kasiaiscarly said...

my fiance would be so jealous you saw jim norton. he's constantly hoping he'd be somewhere further south than atlantic city! looks like you had a great time.