Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ya' know, I wouldn't even bother reading this post. I'd just go back and read each other's comments to the last post. You all are far more entertaining than I am! Thank you ALL for your replies. They were awesome! (special shout out to one of you at the end, though)

While I was pondering what to do about the shawl, I just went ahead and banged out an entirely different project...

Netherfield Mara
Ravelry project page * pattern * amazingly beautiful yarn
started Aug 24, complete Aug 31

....and since I rarely flash my mug here, I'll toss this one in for shits and giggles:


Other fiber-y things I tinkered with while pondering the shawl:

Daily spinning on the wheel in an attempt to achieve sock yarn.

By jove, I think she's got it!
(let's wait until I ply and knit a sample though)

I also started a pair of socks.

This is a "Mystery Knit Along", where only a portion of the pattern is being released weekly during the month of September. Nobody knitting knows what the final product will look like, but we're all knitting it in some form of yellow. The reason I took up this Knit-Along is because the designer, Nancy Bush, is one of the teachers on the retreat I am attending next month. I'm so excited about going I can hardly wait, so I figured a fun way to pass the time would be to knit something she designed.

So far the pattern has been pretty great because I've learned two new techniques...an Estonian Cast-On, and a vikkel braid (that lateral braid right next to the needles there. Total coolness. I love it so much that I might just be tossing random vikkel braids onto every single thing I knit from this day forward).

One other fiber related thing I did this past week (while I was avoiding fixing the shawl), was to fix another project that I've had sitting idle.

Pretty cute sweater, eh? Yah? Well it also had a boo-boo, and it was smack dab in the middle of the back of the sweater. I didn't notice the mistake sooner because I swear to you that you could not see the mistake from the outside. I only saw it when I was trying on the sweater for fit and saw it on the inside of the sweater. Of course, like my other projects, once I saw the mistake, I set it aside until I could work up the gumption to fix it.


For the record, I do know how to drop down and fix a mistake.

I just don't always have a block of time long enough to actually sit down and do it. I even know how to drop down through a mess of lace. I had to do that on the corner section on the border of Desdemona, and that even had lace action every row. I just don't enjoy dropping down along the edge of lace project where all the YO's and dec's line up (that would be a row of holes and angles, for the muggles out there). It's do-able, but it's a big fat drag.

Anyhow, the verdict on the shawl is that I am going to take it off the needles, rip back several rows, get it back on the needles, and resume. I just need an hour with a flat surface and no interuptions to get that done, and I can't seem to find that time.

Ok, I can't seem to MAKE that time.

Now I don't mean to exclude anyone out there, because as I said, ALL the comments were great, and they ALL made me think and/or were quite supportive of me and my knitting struggles. But I DO need to give a special shout out to Jodi, though.

See, the question at hand was not so much about if I should fix it, or if I could fix it, or even how I should fix it, but it was about how fixing it or not fixing it was overlapping with lessons from my spiritual life. Two conflicting lessons, and lessons that I am only barely muddling my way through.

My spiritual practice is based in Buddhism, by the way....and I spend much time "exercising" on the "path of comapssion".

So Jodi writes:
"....fix it just to spare your friends and loved ones having to endure you pointing out each and every flaw."

I read that and totally cracked up laughing.

So, yah. I am going to fix the shawl. Not for me. But so that I spare y'all from having to listen to me.
One very compassionate act ;-)


jodi said...

That comment definitely came out of a deep well of self knowledge, I tell you what.

InkyW said...

You make me want to pick up the needles again! (and that's saying a lot let me tell you!)