Monday, September 14, 2009

the last time I did this....

...was when I had two legs.

I was pleased to find out that the local bowling alley has a ramp at one end of the lanes and that they allow wheelchairs. Good news for me, because I'd been trying to imagine bowling on crutches, and I just couldn't see it happening without my ending up flat on my ass (my balance is fantastic, but my right arm is also a bit jacked up from the car accident).

I tried blowing from a seated position in the wheelchair, but felt like I was swinging out too far to clear the wheel and getting a curve on the ball that I couldn't seem to compensate for. I'm certain with practice that it can be done, but since I have one working leg, I decided to try it standing up. I'd roll up to the line, stand up, and pivot the wheelchair facing away from me at a 90-degree angle. Basically my left hip was between the two handles meant for someone to be able to push me (except I rarely get pushed---I used those to hang my purse! LOL). In this configuration I was able to hold onto the handle of the chair with my left hand, and still be able to lean my hip to the left a bit where the soft fabric back of the chair was, and then off she goes!

I had so much Fun! I didn't get a very high score, but it wasn't because I'm a gimp now. I sucked as a bowler when I had two legs, so no surprises there ;-)

photo credit: TheMostImportantGuy


Lorena said...

I've tried to write three different "OMG, you are awesome ingenious" sentences, but they all make me sound like I have a (totally 100% non-creepy) girlcrush on you-- so instead I will make myself sound like a complete dork (so get ready): I was all, "all this and she's a great photographer, too!" HAHAHAHAH! me = teh dumb.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Lorena ~ Ha! *blush* (I likes me a good girlcursh). And actually, you comment reminds me that I forgot to credit the REAL photographer (TheMIG)! I had meant to do that. I'll edit to add that ;-)

~Donna~ said...

Cool! I suck at bowling too. Not only is my mind usually in the gutter, but so are my balls when I bowl.


That just sounds way too hilariously funny!!!

Serioulsy tho... Glad you got out and did something different and figured out a way to do it AmpuT style. You rock girl.

JennaKate said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing it on the blog. Bowling rocks, and I'm glad you found a creative way to do it :)

kimchi said...

have you ever been to a Rock'n'Bowl night? Those are great! especially if you aren't a great bowler (aka, me!) bc the lights are dimmer and the music's on loud! :o)

Bev said...

So-- the dress? Did you get to wear it?