Saturday, March 13, 2010

snaps on saturday

Ooooo, my favorite breakfast :-)
It's my "CloseAsICanGet" version of a meal I absolutely adore served at Cafe Fanny, in Berkeley (owned by the famous Alice Waters). It's Acme Pain au Levain (the bread), toasted and rubbed with garlic and then schmeared with organic butter, topped with prosciutto, and (hard) poached eggs. Olives and fruit on the side.
To DIE for.

Made easy by my fancy new egg poaching pan.

Bought her a few weeks ago and she is getting plenty of use, lemme tell ya'.


JennaKate said...

Looks great! Its a great feeling to be able to recreate a fave dish at home.

My all-time favorite breakfast is the Rib-Splitter plate from a truck stop in Grand Forks, ND. Cubed potatoes fried with sausage and bacon, smothered in country gravy, doused in cheese, and baked until its all gooey and delicious. There is no veganizing that bad boy, unfortunately.