Friday, July 09, 2010

everything going great, except the photo taking

Woke up bright and early this morning to the sounds of people outside the hotel talking loudly and cars having their horns honked. It turns out that sometime last night three cruise ships made their way into Seattle, and one of them was docked right next to the hotel.

See that little gray and tan building just to the left of the bow of the ship? (I took that later in the day from the ferry--click to enlarge) That is our hotel. Had I put us in a "waterfront" room, I'd be waking up to people on that ship looking over and down into my room--hahaha. So glad we were city-side, except for the fact that all of those cruiseship passengers were being picked up by tour buses and shuttles at 7am.

So I got up, went to go down to have breakfast (included with the cost of my room), but the restaurant was slammed with cruise ship passengers. The hostess was kind enough to take my order and send it to my room (even though what I wanted wasn't on the room service menu).

It sounds like I am complaining. But I am not. Honestly. It was all no big deal, it was just interesting. I really did have a good morning.

So I packed, and was taking my sweet time, when I got a call from David asking me if I wanted to hook up for lunch. Now, we've been reading each others blogs for a few years, but we've never met, and it was a real treat to meet him. He's even more charming in person, and I can't believe he wore a kilt to lunch for me (Maybe it wasn't for me. Maybe he'd have worn one today anyhow. But I did jokingly ask him to wear one when I announced I was coming to town, and well...there he was...wearing one).

Here is camera fail number one. NO DANGED PICTURES WERE TAKEN! Laaaaame.
It's like it never happened, except that it did, and it was great.

I left lunch, popped into a market to buy some snacks for my time here at the resort. Got on the ferry, a ride which I absolutely loved. They have this whole awesome plan when you park your car and you have a disability. If you ask for it, they will somehow make the stars line up so you can have a little wiggle room around your car to get your chair out, and then they make sure you are the car that gets parked right next to the elevator. AND they are nice about it. It might sound like no big deal, but there were HUNDREDS of cars waiting in line to board this puppy, and getting me to where they wanted to me to be was just sort of amazing.

See? Picture of a parking garage, and no pictures of awesome knitter guy in kilt. LAME. I did this with Amanda, too. No photos.

So I went up on deck and enjoyed a beautiful day on the water. Took lots of photos of water and boats (because apparently they are more interesting that people), and got off the ferry in Bainbridge where I went directly to a yarn shop.

Churchmouse Yarn & Tea is full of some of the most beautiful yarns I have seen collected in one place, plus some really fine teas, and is owned by some really great people. Just lovely. If you happen upon the chance to go, you must go.

From there I drove to the resort, checked in, was invited by some lovely knitters to join them for dinner, and went to the meet-and-greet/orientation part of the evening with our fabulous retreat teachers...where I also took no photos.


Well, tomorrow is another day. And speaking of which, I should get to bed because breakfast starts at 7:30am and class begins at 9. Eeep! We go until 9:30pm, with only a short break in the afternoon (and breaks for meals). I have a feeling I am going to need a rest by the time I get home!



Mouse said...

Sounds like you're having an awesome time! Can't wait to see more photos and hear about what happens next!s

~Donna~ said... kilt pix? (shaking head and tsk-tsking)

you need like a hat-cam or takes photos for you so you can enjoy whatever you're doing in peace. :)

I LOVE riding ferries.