Saturday, July 10, 2010

more pics. some of people even ;-)

Photo heavy (again). Vacation will do that to ya'.

Here's a shot of Port Ludlow in the morning:

The Inn where we are staying:

All the food has been amazing. Tacky to show you my half eaten oatmeal, but hey.

Today my class was with the amazing Judith MacKenzie McCuin, whom I was totally intimidated to take a class from because she is a fiber genius, and I'm just little ol' newbie spinner me over here. Everyone told me not to worry because she's awesome, and they were so right about that. She was unforgettable. Totally worth the price of admission, and I learned so much.

Here's a pic of the room before we trashed it.

Here's a sampling of the many types of silk we spun.

The highlight of my day was getting to spin on this little ditty:

It's a HansenCraft e-spinner. It's electric, but also can run on battery. It's smaller than a breadbox, and doesn't require treadling. What a godsend for me. Seriously. I love my wheel, but I can only get a small chunk of spinning time in before my knee hurts, and that just sucks ass. It turns out that MrsHansenCrafts is attending this retreat, and she had a few on hand. She also lives nearby, and she also has a couple for sale.

I might be coming home with one. Especially because 5 or 6 people have thrown themselves in line to buy my Matchless from me, and which I would sell to pay for the e-spinner. Kinda convenient to have so many interested parties here, isn't it? Well, I'd still have a "wheel" wheel, because at home I still have (and adore) my vintage Clemes and Clemes. But if this little swap works out, bye bye Matchless, hellooooo HansenCraft! I'll know more tomorrow.

After dinner there was a little dye party outside. Stephanie and Tina (of Blue Moon Fiber Arts)....

....set us up to dye silk scarves.

Here's what I ended up with.

Meanwhile, Judith got a little crazy with the indigo...

...but I do mean the best sort of crazy.

Two people even dyed their hair ;-)

The rest of us just dipped skeins of silk that we will get to take home....woot!

I'm a little worried we are all going to make a wreck out of this hotel.

So I am totally over-saturated. Literally and figuratively (my brain has taken in way too much information today, plus my hands are now blue).

Tomorrow is knitting with Stephanie for me :-)


The Bon said...

I KNEW you'd love the hansen mini spinner!!! Oh, so awesome.

Kathy said...

What a blast! Are there pictures of you too??

~Donna~ said...

Sounds like you are having a great time...

Aren't you glad you decided to send that email to ask for a space? :)