Sunday, July 11, 2010

retreat, part...whatever

For Kathy of the comments: No! I have no photos of me yet! I will try to remember to pass my camera to someone tomorrow! Stephanie has a few on her blog, but I'm not in those either. I will do my best to insert myself somewhere somehow LOL.

Today was knitting with silk. Lots of yarns, lots of information about silk and how to work with it, lots of knitting, all resulting in lots of wee cute little swatches.

After the class I set myself down outside on the porch and bought myself a nice cold beer.

And a HansenCraft electric spinner ;-)

NONE of those spinners that you see there are mine (mine is in the bag--DUH!), which is just about as lame (if not more lame) than my not having a photo of myself.

After dinner we took a Trip Down the Silk Road with Judith as our tour guide.

L to R: Judith, Tina, Stephanie

Note Tine & Stephanie cooking up some madness in the background there. They are boiling silk cocoons which we stretched into silk hankies:

that's Beth (aka MrsHansenCraftElectricSpinner) doing the honors

And we also got to do some reeling, too.

This is home style reeling, and hooray for that. I spoke to someone once who was ready to invest in an arse-load of fancy reeling equipment, and MyLadiesOfTheRetreat here made a makeshift silk reeling set up out of stacks of books, coat hangers, and duct tape. Seemed to work just fine, if you ask me. .

Stephanie gifted Judith with some of the end result.

Going to bed now. It's gets so late so fast when you are having fun, doesn't that just suck??

Silk dyeing tomorrow.
All I am hoping for is that I get outta that class without a tie-dyed wheelchair.


Gwen said...

You got it!

Looks to be an absolutely fabulous retreat. All that silk! I'm living vicariously and more than a little jealously.

(and I'm impressed with the ferry's car-wrangling skills)