Friday, July 30, 2010


So this morning I woke up and I plied those singles that I had spun yesterday, without even getting out of bed. That's right, I say! I stuck the miniSpinner on a little tv-tray, put the lazy kate on the floor, and viola! I SPUN FROM BED!! Man, talk about being a slacker, though. First, I don't need to treadle...and now....well, sheesh!

Dudes, if I ever end up in a convalescent hospital myself? I am soooo bringing the spinner with me. Whoot!

So this yarn is 4oz small farm Coopworth (that I bought ages ago here), and it has now become about 90yds of a worsted/aran weight 2-ply. I did a long-draw for the drafting, so it's pretty fuzzy-fluffy-squishy. I have a second bag of the same stuff in a lovely dark brown. I took it out today in hopes of getting to fiddle with it, but I never got a chance to.

That's because my cat, MrDarcy, made it his new friend.

No matter where in the house I moved it, he would sit near it.
He would not play with it, roll in it, or even attempt to eat it.
Just just wanted to sit near it.

Or sleep with it.

I moved it four or five times. Every time he'd chase me down.

eta: I do know the seriousness of what can happen with pets and fiber. The cat was never left unattended. No animals were harmed in the making of this post ;-)

Anyhow, I don't mean to knock the seller of the fiber, because the fiber itself and prep of the roving was great....but the stuff has a funky stink to it! It smells like a box of old crayons (it smelled like that when it arrived in the mail, and it didn't fade with time. Ugh!)

Luckily, I did manage to get the odor out when I did the soaking of the yarn to set the twist. I first did a hot soak in "Eucalan". The yarn smelled just fine after that ....but I did a second soak in cold water using "Soak/Unleash" just to be safe (not to mention that I adore the way it smells).

I'm hoping to do up the dark brown fluff this weekend, and then I'd really like to dig in and knit with these right away, mainly so I can test that I am producing something functional for crying out loud.

I'm thinking a hat maybe?


Gwen said...

You mean yarn by itself isn't functional? What?! You think you have to use it too?


(I woke up silly today, in case you couldn't tell)

Nice yarn!