Monday, August 02, 2010

I'm a little punchy tonight, so why don't we just start with something warm and fuzzy, eh?

I spun and plied the darker brown fluff that came from the same place as the grayish-brown fluff. It's got a bit more of the thick-n-thin thing going on in spots, but all in all, I'm really pleased. The things that please me most are:

a) that I proved I can indeed do a long-draw on the electric spinner, with a WooLee Winder, and with no problems
b) that I have finally learned to get enough twist into my singles
c) that my plying is improving
d) I made a soft fluffy yarn and not rope

I am positive that "B" came about from taking the spinning class at the retreat with Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, and that "C" came from watching her plying video.

The punchy part of my day??
Well, we are about to have house guests, you see...

(I am never quite sure of how much I can kvetch about people here...y'all sure proved to me during the blog contest that I have no friggin' idea who lurks here)

Remember when MyFavoriteKid and I were in Seattle, and we ran into his longtime buddies on top of the Space Needle?? Well, the kids were there because they were on a trip with their dad (mom and dad are divorced). Now, the kids are about to take a vacation with their mom.

(oh lordy, please do not let her be a reader of my blog)

They are about to travel from the most northern part of California to the most Southern, to see her family I believe. It's a long enough drive that stopping midway is not a bad thing, especially when midway is the San Francisco Bay Area, because they used to live here and know lots of people. Her two boys often beg her to stay here. I love having them, all of them, even though it's really about the kids. The mom and I aren't really close friends or anything. We are definitely friendly. I like her. It's just that except for the kids, we pretty much have zilch-o in common. When they come to stay, it's almost always that we are an overnight pit-stop for them, and so the kids want to be left alone to do their own thing because their time is so limited. She and I then sit on the couch, catch up for about 10 minutes with news since the last time, and then sort of look at each other. It's kinda like a bad date. (I should maybe teach her to knit or something, no?) I like her enough and can be entertaining (or entertained) enough to enjoy time with her. No problem. We usually crack open a bottle of wine, and it's a good time. I also do not mind one bit that she's basically inviting herself here (seriously, it's not a problem...I do the same thing when MyFK and I head north and he begs to visit we're even)

The problem is that she can't tell me WHEN she wants to come.

So here is how this whole visit this week started. she texts me Friday that they are heading south either Tuesday or Wednesday and that the kids would really love to see MyFK, and she wants to know if we free. I text back that we are free, except that my dad's birthday is Wednesday and we really wanted to take him out to dinner....but that my dad is willing to do dinner a day earlier (on Tuesday) if they want to come Wednesday. In other words: PICK ONE. Pick one, and we will do dinner with my dad on the other. Easy Peasy, no??

No. No Peasy.

It's 5pm today (today being MONDAY)...and she still has not told me if she coming TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY.

(oops, am I YELLING?)

Now, I know I am (a bit?!) of a control freak, but honest to goodness, I have calmed down considerably in the past couple of years. To be honest, if it were not for the fact that it was my father's birthday, I wouldn't feel so pushed to have her make more firm plans. But seriously....if the tables were turned...I do not think I would EVER:
a) ask somebody to stay at their house with less than a week's notice
b) then not know which day I wanted to stay
c) not be extra diligent with figuring out my shit if my hostess said their was a conflict, especially a family event
d) make the hostess push for an answer because the impending visit is less that 24 hours away.

Man, I'm all about the bullets tonight, aint I.


So maybe when she comes, we open more than one bottle of wine. I dunno.


Mouse said...

your yarn looks GORGEOUS! what's the weight of it? It looks very lofty and plied really well.. congrats!

Kirstin said...

Schedule with your dad and let the chips fall where they may. If she turns up on a non-Dad night, two bottles of wine AND teach her to knit

Gretchen said...

So, even though I only spent a little time with you in Seattle-ish, I have come to sooooooooo enjoy reading you. People - this is really her, as far as I can tell. Let us know when she shows up. I vote for two bottles whether she comes or not!

Pickyknitter said...

No peasy for you! Come back, one year! Also, the yarn is lovely. I don't understand why long draw on a spinner would be different than on a wheel - especially if you run the yarn over the finger of your non-drafting hand. Yarn: forward of the finger headed into the spinner, not-yarn: behind the finger, twist kept in check until you allow it over the curve of said finger.

Kathy said...

I'm with you. -
I would let her know nights you are busy and let her figure it out. My bro likes to keep me guessing on plans until I nail him down!