Thursday, August 12, 2010

last minute post

Just got home from dance class and sitting in an arseload of traffic due to nighttime construction. Had me a little midnight snack. Was all ready to go to bed, and then..whammo! Realized I had forgotten about posting. Ugh. Blogging365 is mostly a really good thing for me, but on nights like tonight, I just don't know.

Today was quite full, and one of the things on my To-Do list was to hit the office supply store. I went in to buy a ream of paper for MyFavoriteKid's school (they have humbly requested paper as a donation...but it would not surprise me one bit, given the state of things these days, if this request is just the first of many). I also picked up some basic school supplies for MyFK, because there aint nothin' like the smell of a fresh pack of college-ruled paper to ring in the new school year.

I cannot believe summer (well, summer break) is almost over. He goes back next Wednesday, but there are already school functions this week.

* I just had a wicked case of de ja vu. Did I write this exact same post the same time last year??*

Last night we spent a couple of hours at registration night. Today, tomorrow, and Monday MyFK is participating in an 8th grade training program called WEB. That stands for "Where Everyone Belongs". It's a program where a group of 8th graders step into a mentor role, and they assist small groups of incoming 6th graders to feel welcome. They give them tours of the school and whatnot. The WEB Leaders become a resource for younger kids for the first few weeks, and actually throughout the year. It really helps smooth out the normal kinks that occur when there are new kids on the block. It keeps the big kids from picking on the little kids. When MyFK was in 6th grade, he felt so welcomed by his WEB Leaders that he vowed to apply for the Leadership team once he was old enough, and sure enough, he did.

Today they had some basic training, and tomorrow they will match up the WEB Leaders into pairs, one boy and one girl. Each pair of Leaders will get a small group of 6th grade kids to work with on Monday, which is when the 6th graders have their orientation. The WEB Leaders also show up early on Wednesday, the first day of school, to be of help to kids who get lost getting to their classes.

Me: So how did it go today?

MyFK: Good. Tomorrow they match us up in Leadership pairs. I hope I get someone hot.

Me: Hmm. Ok. Well, do you really think that's the most important thing? I mean, if it were me, I'd rather be paired up with someone who will do their share of the workload. Seems like a much better than being paired with someone who is hot but makes me do all the work. No??

MyFK: Oh. Yah. Good point. I guess I should wish for that, too. But I don't want to just wish for helpful. I think I'll wish for hot and helpful.

He has a point, I suppose.
But still.
Lordy, please get me through the next few years of parenting.


deirdre said...

The male teenage mind can be a scary, funny place - mine are going into grade 9 and grade 11, and that is exactly the kind of thing they'd wish for, too...

Kathy said...

He is so funny! Hot and helpful!! A boy can dream, can't he? The WEB program sounds great. My older son (11) is starting middle school in September and having the older kids show the younger ones around is a great program. In Boston, the kids don't start til after Labor Day.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Not many things can get me to laugh at 5:30 am (and pre-coffee no less) but that did! Too funny.