Wednesday, August 11, 2010

like nothing ever happened

It's just like I said.

One day crazy...?

The next day...yarn!
(well, almost yarn...I still plan on plying these together)

L to R (in both photos)
1st bobbin: 2oz 100% Targhee, colorway "Transnational Fury"
2nd & 3rd Bobbins: 4 oz BFL, colorway "Burnt Ember", divided into two 2oz strips, the redder half on the left, the more orange on the right.
~~All fiber from A Verb For Keeping Warm~~


special note to Lorena: thank you, sistah ;-)
(yours was the only comment yesterday! ROTFLMAO)


Mouse said...

Wow.. stunning! Can't wait to see it plied- I've never done a 3 ply!
btw.. I just read yesterday's post.. and you *know* what I have to say to that ;)

~Donna~ said...

Nice looking yarn!

As for yesterday, barely had time to read let alone comment.

I see dead's not just a movie quote. :)

Some people see, some people chat. My family does a bit of both. Spooky sometimes, but yeah.

Denise said...

Nice - love the color!

Lorena said...

Clearly we are the same kind of crazy.

Beautiful singles - can't wait to see them plied!