Friday, October 08, 2010

dont wanna dont wanna dont wanna dont wanna

Maaaaaaan!!! I was all just about ready for bed...tucked in an everythang....and then, "Sheeeeit I have to blogpost!!!"
* sigh *

This 365 days of blogging thing just kills me sometimes.

Well rather than just leave it at that (which quite frankly I'd love to), I will tell you that on Thursday...when I went teach the knitting class I told you about? The one at the senior center? I had a new lady show up.

And she spoke no english.

She already knew how to knit (thank gawd) but she wanted to make a scarf from a pattern that was printed in english on the ball band of her yarn.

So what we had was 90 minutes of me teaching knitting with my high school spanish, plus my kitchen spanish, from when I was a caterer. In other words, I could ask her where the bathroom was, or if she could help slice potatoes. But I didn't know how to say knit or purl.

I do now, though ;-). She taught me.

It was great fun actually. We knitterz really all speak the same language, dont you know? One of the funniest parts of the afternoon was when one of the other ladies Lee, tried to jump in and help translate and started TALKING REAL LOUD so that Eloisa, our new attendee would understand.

In my lack of self control over these matters (people talk loud to amputees too, by the way), I yelled out, "LEE, I THINK SHE KNOWS HOW TO PURL EVEN THOUGH SHE CANT SAY SO," at which point Lee replied, "Oh my god, I cant believe I just said that if it will help," which was followed by Eloisa breaking up into a fit of laughter, because obviously you didn't need to know what was actually being said to decipher the situation. And then we ALL cracked up.

Next class I will I will be armed. I found several translation pages for knitting terms online, and I also found the spanish version of Knitty, I can print a few things for her. If I wasn't so tired and on the iPad I'd add the links, but I am going to hit the hay instead so I can make early morning practice at the zen center. If you guys really want them, I'll add them tomorrow.


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Kathy said...

It's OK with me if you skip a day blogging....I know you've "signed up" for it but sometimes you just need sleep!

peter maynez said...

I totally dig reading your blog. I found it a couple years ago
while searching for work reference. Have fun with the 365 blogs and good luck with your Spanish.


~Donna~ said...

very cool story!

I know I'd be very interested in learning the Spanish version of stuff. Did some German a while back (forgot it), but I do love learning knew things language wise. Wonder how knitting terms are done in sign language? That's my next language to learn. :)

Lorena said...

You totally just gave me a flashback to the day in the yarn store when the one-armed woman came in - already knew how to knit on straight needles, and that was amazing, let me tell you! But she wanted me to teach her to knit in the round. Did I mention she only had one arm? And no prosthetic? I do love a challenge, though.